Travelxp is the single largest international platform for travel content. The number of travel shows shot in different parts of the world is infinite and marvellous. You can’t take your eyes off such enchanting and wonderful views. It’s impossible to do so!  Indian actress Krissan Barretto who was seen in MTVAce of Space 2’ and VJ Benafsha Soonawalla from ‘Big Boss 11’ is coming up with an exciting travel show, ‘The Gypsies’ based on Madhya Pradesh, India presented by none other than Travelxp. They started shooting in January.

Watching the teaser was so thrilling! It’s going to be released on 28th May 2021 sharp at 7.30 pm. There’s another surprising element for the netizens that ‘The Gypsies’ is going to be the first show on the Travelxp app. Good news, Isn’t it?  Can’t wait for it!

Now, let’s see some BTS snaps and videos. The first one is them wearing a saree and driving, and let me tell you, they look absolutely beautiful! It was comical the way Benafsha said, “What a cool chic!”

Look at their carefree vibes! They seem so relaxed and at peace.

Can you feel their morning positivity from these snaps? All happy and leisurely!

Such golden hour glow! The forest backdrop seems exciting too.

Well, it’s sunbathing time.

Who’s up for some tanning like Krissan and Benafsha?

The girls look so gorgeous in traditional outfits. We can’t help but admire their beauty!

Benafsha in Maheshwari saree looks so adorable. This was shot near the Narmada river and the saree was made by Maheshwar folks.

Krissan’s cuteness can’t be ignored in these clips!

After glancing at so many snaps and scenes of Krissan and Benafsha, I’m sure you all would feel the bubbling excitement for ‘The Gypsies’. Just come on air already, is what you all must be thinking. Ain’t I, right? Haha! We can only keep calm and glue our eyes to Travexp for now. By the way, did you notice that they both are from MTV? Krissan also acted as Alya in MTV ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ and Benafsha was a previous contestant of MTV ‘Roadies X4’.