Sejal Kumar, the renowned fashion influencer who is also known to upload song covers, came up with a new makeup video on YouTube. And, we are here to talk about the same. The video is a sneak peek into how she does her makeup. Moreover, it is filled with raw honesty about appreciating natural beauty, self love, mental health, and more.

The comments on the video have been about how Sejal showcases her confident self and is real with her audience through her videos. We all need to talk and diminish the stigma. And hence, here’s an article talking about a makeup video with raw honesty presented by none other than the rightly acclaimed influencer, Sejal Kumar.

A mesmerising blue-eyed makeup with subtle blush and a nude lipstick steals the highlight. Although, the true star of the video, along with the makeup, is Sejal questioning the stereotypes, like a slim nose, for instance. From accepting your pigmented skin to what you say when you look at yourself through the mirror, Sejal has her personal experiences to share. And, we applaud at her for the same. She gives us a chance to grow through what she went through. Tap this video right away and watch it to form unpopular opinions and a chance to recreate an intimidating ocean eyed look!

If you’re moved by the video and her real personality, that makes the two of us. Do not forget to give this video lots of love and support! She deserves all the affirmations for her work and transparent relationship with us, her audience. If you want to watch more of Sejal’s videos, tap HERE! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article about an unconventional and a confident influencer that you should check out by tapping HERE!