Pinterest, the American image and video sharing social media app is home to amazing mood boards, inspirations, ideas, information, and more. And mind you, all of it is available on a small scale that too in an aesthetically pleasing way! With more updates, the growth of Pinterest creators on the app is increasing at a rapid rate.

Pinterest Creators
Source: Pinterest Newsroom

Let’s have a peek at 5 Pinterest creators whom you definitely need to follow:

1. Masoom Minawala Mehta

The gorgeous Masoom Minawala Mehta is a fashion creator with 27K followers and 476.4K monthly views on Pinterest. She even turned heads at Cannes this year along with Diipa Khosla. Tap HERE to read an article on the same! On Instagram, she has 1.1 million followers and 51.8K subscribers on YouTube. Check out some of her best reels by clicking HERE!

2. Pooja Mundhra

Beauty and fashion creator Pooja Mundhra has 12.1K followers and 1.8 million monthly views on Pinterest. On Instagram, she has 527K followers and she owns a thrift store too. You can check out @thecozythrifts if you’re up for sustainable and preloved fashion. Also, have a look at her vlogs on her YouTube channel which has 25.3K subscribers.

3. Aakriti Rana

With a beautiful feed, travel & fashion creator, Aakriti Rana has 151 followers and 1.6K monthly views on Pinterest. She has 800K followers on Instagram and 154K subscribers on YouTube. Trust me when I say, her content will just brighten up your day! To have a peek at her fashion reels, tap HERE!

4. Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is a lifestyle and fashion blogger with 483 followers and 22.3K monthly views on Pinterest. She’s also the founder of Arabellaa, your one-stop women’s fashion destination. Her fan following on YouTube is 49K and on Instagram, it’s 483K. Not only that, Arabellaa has 41.6K followers on Instagram.

5. Shubhi Singh

Shubhi Singh a.k.a ‘the.lazyblogger’ is known for her mini vlogs and relatable content. On Pinterest, she has 399 followers with 116.7K monthly views. Oh! She also creates skincare content. On Instagram, she has 57.7K followers and 2.5K subscribers on YouTube. Let me tell you, she also loves makeup! Not only that, but she also runs a women’s NGO, The Voice.

As you can see, these creators are still at a growing stage on Pinterest. So, let’s give them our valuable support! Also, if you don’t know, Pinterest has its own creator program, @pinterestcreators with 65.7K followers and 310.3K monthly views. On Instagram, it has 41.7K followers and you can follow it by tapping HERE! To know about Pinterest’s latest update, check out Pinterest’s ‘Idea Pins’ Is Now a Monetizing Tool!