There are a variety of excellent content providers all around us in today’s world. They continue to dazzle us with their original material and engaging sketches. Only a handful, though, have that element of trustworthiness that causes us to engage with their content on a deeper level. Niharika NM is one of these creators, who rose to prominence as a result of her exceptionally relatable work. She has a lot of Reels on her Instagram page, and each one has a different impact on us! Hence, here is a list of top five reels by Niharika at one place curated especially for you.

1. One Way Street

2. Parents Permission

3. Money Can Buy Niharika Happiness

4. Noise Pollution Chaos

5. Just Chill… But How?

With relatability and exceptional twists under the hood of observational comedy, Niharika’s content keeps booming every single day. We cannot wait to see more from her. We love the energy she brings along and her accent. It’s beautiful, macha. So until my pen writes more for you, go and check out her content if you haven’t already.