The term “meta influencer” is still in its development and is often used to describe an influencer who has a substantial impact on the influencer community as a whole rather than just having influence over a particular audience or industry.

Do you know about the meta influencer that our country has? It’s Kyra– India’s first ever Meta-influencer who is doing everything- from celebrating Diwali to traveling to Jaipur for a vacation- Kyra is exploring it all.

In the simplest terms, the influencer is making sure she makes the content as humane as she can. She gains admirers by celebrating festivals and nailing the ambiance. Her content is topical too which makes her famous in the social media presence.

Kyra does topical content too like supporting the Indian cricket team and making sure the support is visible. While there is a team sitting behind, managing her positioning, it is amazing how the creator looks realistic and matches the vibes in possible ways.

After the meta influencer’s content got recognition over the platform, she started doing brand promotions too and they are something you should check out as it is something other than ordinary.


The music festival that happened in Mumbai at the end of January garnered fans from all over the country and music artists from all over the world to come together and have a great time.

However, it wasn’t just them attending. Kyra went too. It was her first-ever music festival experience, she wrote!

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The influencer has come through as a brand advertiser for other brands too. Her collaboration video with Boat, the famous music electronics brand has been viral on her profile.

With the future of audio, we also see the rise of this futuristic influencer.

Morris Garage

The famous car brand has got all of our eyes on its beautiful, luxurious cars and now also has Kyra’s attention. With good branding and advertising, the meta influencer has been seen promoting MG Motors’ cars.

Overall, the concept of a meta-influencer is still developing and evolving, so it’s likely that we will see new individuals emerge as influential figures within the influencer community in the years to come.