Instagram is experimenting with a new method of encouraging users to repost their older posts by displaying a “Memory” Story prompt in some users’ feeds.

Instagram is testing out a “Memory” Story prompt, which is simply its archive feature but presented in a different way, as you can see in the example provided by Jack Horwood. When you tap on the Memory story, earlier stories that you shared around this date will subsequently be displayed.

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So, this can be basically another way to access the archive feature, even though Instagram has had variations of this type of prompt for a while now. Similar to Facebook’s “On this day” prompts, it is now directly encouraging users to re-share their old stories. This change may boost user engagement with the app.

In an effort to retain user engagement, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has previously admitted that personal sharing has shifted from the main IG feed into Stories and DMs. Possibly, this is another way to lean into that habit.

user engagement

In terms of overall performance, Instagram is still experiencing rise in Reels engagement, so it’s not like the platform is losing out. Additionally, Meta has found that Instagram’s AI content recommendations are boosting engagement.

If so, it’s possible that this is a new initiative to encourage user publishing rather than just consuming more app-recommended films.