Brands today seek to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to their campaign. In a quest to bring an out-of-the-box campaign, the recent Indyverse collaboration redefines the fashion landscape. As the brand proudly announces its transformative alliance with KYRA, India’s First Virtual Influencer. This fusion of art, bespoke fashion, AI integration, and cutting-edge technology promises a celebration of fashion through the lens of creativity and innovation.

Indyverse partners with KYRA, an AI influencer

KYRA: A Digital Influencer Powerhouse

With an astounding 200k plus followers on Instagram within a year, KYRA emerges as a powerhouse in the digital influencer realm. The customisable model associated with KYRA has already forged collaborations with top-tier brands, indicating the substantial impact of AI on shaping digital influence within the Indian fashion market.

Indyverse’s Creative Commitment

Indyverse extends its commitment to pushing creative boundaries with the incorporation of 3D Meta Influencers. As India’s premier homegrown fashion marketplace pioneering 3D and AI fashion, it solidifies its position as an industry trailblazer, venturing into unexplored territories.

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Revolutionising the Shopping Experience

In a strategic move that promises to revolutionise the Indian fashion scene, Indyverse introduced AI Styling. This innovative feature offers personalised fashion experiences, allowing users to tailor fits, choose colour palettes, and select fabrics through swatch books. The collaboration also brings the AI-Based Digital Trial Room, enabling virtual clothing trials before making a purchase, a true game-changer in the world of online fashion.

Indyverse revolutionises fashion with KYRA, an AI influencer

Bynd-Reality Platform

Taking the lead in the fashion-tech arena, Indyverse introduces the Bynd-Reality Platform. This marks the integration of a 3D metaverse into the fashion marketplace, offering an unparalleled shopping experience. The platform introduces AI Fashion Products with CLO, heralding a revolution in 3D custom clothing design.

The KKYA Indyverse partnership is a technological advancements

KYRA x Indyverse emerges as an evolution of fashion, where the convergence of AI and 3D technologies shapes a future that is both personalised and technologically advanced. This collaboration marks a paradigm shift in the trajectory of the fashion industry.