Kinni Kinni Vaari features social media influencers and actors namely, Jannat Zubair, Krishna Shroff, Nagma, Jamie, Lever, Raj Shoker and Tanvi. The music video surrounds everyone going through a breakup but rising above it, nonetheless. It signifies strength, learning, growing and believing in yourself, no matter what. Krishna Shroff, the fitness enthusiast and social media influencer sister of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, makes her debut in the music video “Kinni kinni Vaari.”

Krishna said, “I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better concept to be a part of for my music video debut than this one.” She added that it was “an absolute pleasure to showcase strength in such a unique and fun way through this absolutely fire track!”

Raashi added: “With ‘Kinni Kinni Vaari’, I got a chance to express one aspect of how women feel about ups and downs in relationships. My team supported me beautifully in bringing this emotion forward as we worked together from different locations during lockdown. (It was) Quite a different experience.”

Jannat Zubair said: “I absolutely loved the song when I first listened to it and the video is a total justice to the song. I’m sure people will love it because it is unlike what I’ve done before. It’s very new and the vibe is really different.”

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