Nobody could have predicted the huge success of B Praak-Jaani’s Filhaal with Desi Melodies when it was first released a year ago. The music video depicted a patient who was involved in an accident and the doctor’s discovery that the patient is none other than his ex-lover, as well as the tale that surrounded it. The video received over a billion views, propelling the artists to great success. And now, with the release of Filhaal 2, we’re here to discuss the continuation of the tale.

We witnessed earlier glimpses of Nupur’s family breaking up the couple as one of the primary moments in this new song video, which changes between the former and current scenario. Nupur’s dupatta is similarly trapped, and Kumar assists her in untying the knot and freeing it before leaving. Nupur is seen following him, and the scene transitions to Kumar dancing at Nupur’s wedding. We’re about to embark on a tremendous journey, and I can’t wait. Is there a happy ending in store for the characters, or has life decided to take them down different paths? There are too many questions to address, but the video is our only option. Here’s the teaser for you to check out right now!

The song continues to gather popularity on YouTube, where it is currently ranked number one in the music category. While we wait for the answers, make sure to watch the first video, and until my pen writes more for you, the B Praak-Jaani duo is waiting for you to enjoy their soulful music.