INSTAGRAM will soon let its users post from the desktop website with its new (work in progress) update. According to reports, Instagram is working on a feature that will allow users to create posts from the desktop website. Currently users can only post through the mobile phone Instagram app

The process is simple but if someone wishes to post a picture/video from their desktop then the picture/video has to be first transferred into the phone and then posted on the app. The process might be only two steps long but it is tedious. By allowing users to post directly from their desktops, Instagram will bid adieu to the 2 step long tedious process and will make things easy for everyone using the desktop version. Posting from the desktop will be a key feature for media organizations as it will allow them to save loads of time by skipping the process of sending the designed posts to mobile phones for uploading. Instead they will be able to post them directly.

The desktop version of the app has been in existence for almost a decade now attracting millions of users everyday. The desktop feature is good to browse but lacks certain key features that are only reserved for the mobile phone versions. Creating posts from the desktop website would certainly fulfill the need of the hour and no time is better than now for Instagram to release this feature.

Renowned app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, in his tweet even shared what the feature might look like:

However with everything said and done, the feature is still being tested internally and so far there has been no news about its official roll out. But one can only hope for Instagram to make the feature available for all its users soon.