The generation that is stuck in between that of not knowing and understanding everything: children; and knowing, comprehending, and adjusting: parents and grandparents is that of teenagers. The pandemic has obviously made our lives tough, but it has been especially challenging on teenagers during their coming-of-age time. So, here’s why I’m bringing you an article with my personal list of the four Young Adult films that every teen should watch. Whether it’s about your feelings, emotions, new experiences, or anything else… These are the characters with whom you will be able to empathise and, at the very least, have an ‘Aww’ moment. So let’s get started without further ado, shall we?

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy

Let’s start with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, the loveliest of characters. The former has no social life and is observed spending time with family or reading, whilst the latter is far from an introvert. All of that changes when someone secretly sends Lara Jean’s letters to whom they were written. The repercussions begin with confrontation, but who doesn’t like consequences, especially when they conclude with a really gorgeous boyfriend? Certainly not me. And that’s merely the beginning of the narrative. This film, which is full of friendships, love, emotions, and experiences for the viewer while also being entertaining, is a must-watch for any teenager. Check it out right away! Tap this!

2. Friends With Benefits

Have you ever heard that you don’t realise how valuable someone is until they’re gone? Here’s a film based on that premise, packed with friendship, care, drama, comedy, and a cliché finale. Jamie and Dylan’s characters give light to your day. The story begins when Jamie hires Dylan as the Art Director of GQ magazine. Given that he moves from L.A. to New York City, he knows nobody but Jamie. And thus, begins the addition of casual sex to the friendship just like drama and entertainment to your day. The only difference is that watching this film will not add to your stress levels like it did to their friendship and changed it, entirely. And with characters like them, you can know it’ll be packed with drama. Tap this to watch!

3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Ben bets his pals that he can make the female protagonist, Andie, fall in love with him. When Andie’s buddy complicates all of her relationships by going too far too soon, she comes up with a plan to educate her friend what not to do and tells her boss that she will write an article about it. Which character achieves their aim in the end? To find out if she loses the guy or if he manages to make her fall in love, watch this drama-filled film with sarcastic situations! And, yeah, you will not be able to describe your day as boring upon seeing this film. Click here to watch it right now!

4. The Kissing Booth

Finally, what happens if you develop feelings for the brother of your best friend? You pretend as if you don’t care and never confront your closest friend or crush. But only until life permits you to do so. However, in Elle’s case, Lee (the best friend) finds out when Noah and she meet face-to-face, pardon the pun, thanks to fate. What will the three parties do next, and what will be the outcome? Learn more by watching this film in just one click! And now that the third part of the trilogy is set to be released, you might as well do it! Yes, I know, you’re welcome.

Get to it and thank me later. And, until my pen writes more for you, happy binge-watching!