Instagram’s Chief Adam Mosseri outlined some of Instagram’s key focus areas for 2022 that included building Reels as a bigger product. Transparency, messaging and videos were also highlighted as the priorities for the year ahead.

While 2021 witnessed Instagram rolling out several new updates, in late December the app began testing several new features. The list includes the app working on the ability to turn any video into a boomerang, the possibility of changing the audience of posts shared to Facebook, and screen sharing during a video call.

Screen Share for Video Calls

Instagram has become the primary hotspot for friends and groups to hang out. With the pandemic hovering over, it has become more important now than ever to stay connected with your loved ones via texts and video calls. While Instagram already had an option for video calls, it is now testing a screen sharing option during the live calls, as reported by Social Media user and Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

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The feature will grant access to other users on the call to see what’s happening live on your feed and activities. People could be able to share real-time information and more updates with their fellow callers.

Videos and Boomerang

Instagram is betting big on consolidating every video into Reels, it is also garnering a significant response for Boomerangs. The feature which was introduced in 2016 is unique to the platform and has added to its USP. On a daily basis, millions of Instagram users create boomerang videos for some quirky play on their profiles.

It has now been reported that the platform is testing the ability to turn any video into a boomerang. Remember GIFs? A lot of time we see ourselves failing into getting the perfect boomerang video. Now any part of your pre-recorded to live video could be converted into boomerangs if the feature goes live.

Instagram tests screen
Source: Twitter (Alessandro Paluzzi)

Audience Customization for posts shared on Facebook

Until now, Instagram posts were directly posted to Facebook depending on the user’s choice. The app is testing more cousmizaton options for the users while sharing posts on Facebook via Instagram. The users wil be given the option of hsring posts to Public, Friends or keeping it visible to only yourself.

Moreover, Instagram aims to introduce more such updates in the new year with better cusomization and features.