It only feels like moments since we all gathered together with one unifying voice to consign 2020 to the bin by embracing 2021. This has been a great year with back-to-back hits, as we say adieu to 2021 and embark 2022, we look ahead to the films we expect to see gracing Netflix in the coming year. 


Finding Anamika

This is a suspenseful family drama about a global superstar, wife, and mom who suddenly vanishes without a trace. As police and loved ones search for answers to her disappearance, her perfectly crafted facade is stripped away, revealing hidden truths and painful lies in the life of an iconic actress.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein

Think of the most dreaded villain! What if he has a daughter who truly, deeply, madly falls in love with you? What if you don’t love her back? What if you are in love with someone else? How will you say no and get out of the situation? After all, quite like her father, she’s not likely to take ‘no’ for an answer.

A romantic simpleton finds himself in the middle of this crossfire in Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, a dark comical pulpy desi thriller about three things that matter the most in the country- paisa, taqat aur pyaar!!! 

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Following a personal tragedy, Sheel, a docile, 47-year-old wife-and-mother, finds herself accidentally entangled in a web of white-collar crime and dirty politics pushing her into a rabbit hole of violence that forever changes her and the world she inhabits. 

Mismatched Season 2

Dimple, the genius coder, has lost her app. Rishi, the hopeless romantic, has lost all faith in love.

Fate brings this “Mismatched” couple face to face again, as Rishi is forced to step back into the mess he left behind. With their futures at stake, Dimple and Rishi must navigate the rough terrains of frayed friendships, new love interests, broken promises, academic stress, and shocking rivalries.

Masaba Masaba Season 2

Glamour ke peeche kya hai? It’s a tough world, but Masaba and Neena Gupta are tougher. The mess is over, and this time the plan is world domination. Masaba goes in front of the camera, and Neena Ji decides to go behind them. All the while dealing with new loves, old loves, and some impossible loves.

Both women take their careers, image, friendships, and lovers, into their own hands and turn everything around.

She Season 2

After swearing her allegiance to drug-lord Nayak, Bhumi must walk the dangerous line between siding with the police or with a crime. While simultaneously exploring her newfound sexual liberation, as Nayak’s larger plan unfolds.


Choona is a heist comedy-drama about six men with nothing in common except a desire for revenge, who decide to team against Shukla, the all-powerful politician who has stripped them of their power.

Indian Predator (docu series)

Indian Predator is a thrilling and suspenseful docu-series that attempts to decode the minds of some of India’s deadliest killers. The series uncovers the never-before-heard details of gruesome killings as individuals who were at the epicenter of these crimes talk about what went down.

Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet 

India’s favorite Kapil Sharma will make his Netflix debut with his special.


Looop Lapeta 

A race against time and a girlfriend on a mission to rescue her boyfriend from a sticky situation, Loop Lapeta promises viewers an adventurous ride, as the plot unfolds and the actions of the lovers trigger a series of events, both fortunate and unfortunate.


Qala is a story about a daughter who craves her mother’s love.


Khufiya is a story about Krishna Mehra, an R&AW operative who is assigned to track down the mole selling India’s defense secrets. All along, grappling with her dual identity as a spy and a lover.

Plan A Plan B

She is a matchmaker who believes marriage is for everyone, except herself. He is a successful divorce lawyer with a secret. What happens when they cross paths? Can opposites coexist, let alone attract?

Monica, Oh My Darling

Black comedy and white-collar crime collide in Monica, O My Darling. A young man desperately tries to make it big with some unlikely allies and a dastardly diabolical plan to pull off the perfect murder. Join your favorite actors on a roller coaster of dark and devilish twists and turns in this crime drama where survival is the key.


Magic Meenu, a small-time magician in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh has to win a local football tournament in order to marry the love of his life. There are just two things against him- the girl doesn’t love him back and his team hasn’t won a game in years!

Friendships are tested and hearts are mended as love meets magic in this heartwarming sports comedy.