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To keep the world updated is our job and we try our best to do so. In our previous week’s issue we talked about Instagram’s Weekly Reel Trends (in case you haven’t read it click here). But just like time and tide, the trends too wait for no one and are ever changing. It is surprisingly possible that by the time we come to know about a trend, the trend is no longer trending (now that’s a goofy trend!)

Let’s have a look at the latest edition of What’s Happening This Week On Instagram aka Reels Trends For This Week:


​(Click the title to listen or use the song)



🎵Audio: River – thatgirlbishop

A mimicable dance step that can be done solo or with a group. Watch Ajaz Ahmed (@jazzahmed_) show us how to do it. 


🎵Audio: Move Your Body – shankar.mahadevan

Mimic the steps and become a part of this trend or let Aadil Khan (@aadilkhann) show us how to nail it!


🎵Audio: Ayy Macarena – tyga

The song and the steps have a different vibe to it. Here watch Yukti Kapoor (@yuktiikapoor_angel) dance to the song and set the perfect vibe.


🎵Audio: Permission to Dance – bts.bighitofficial

Mimic the steps and become a part of this trend or let @_devil_queen__._ show us how to nail it!



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A facetime call with a heart which ends with an animal answering the call.


🎵Audio: Deewana Hai Dekho – therealalkayagnik

Your own mimicable meme.


🎵Audio: Hungamaa Ho Gaya – asha.bhosle

Another mimicable meme.


🎵Audio: MMM MMM (feat. ATL Jacob) – kaliii

Creators nod no to something they don’t want to do or agree with.


Tila Var Alaya Dil

​🎵 Audio: Tila Var Alaya Dil – adarshshinde

challenge on the latest Marathi track

Tari Ontiyali Paghadiye Maldhar

​🎵 Audio:​ Tari Ontiyali Paghadiye Maldhari – aishwarya_tm

Creators doing a mimicable Garbha trend on a treadmill.


​🎵 Audio:​ Janam – mainhoonromy

LipSync to latest song by most anticipated film Qismat 2


Seven notes but a billion melodies catering a million trends! Let’s have a look at trending music tracks for this week. Fresh from Instagram’s Music library:

What’s Playing This Week

🎵 Ritviz

🎵 Yamma Yamma
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam & Shweta Mohan

Ishq Mein
Sachet Tandon, Meet Bros, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

Vikram Pannu

Pagal Kar Gaye
Ashok Zakhmi

Mere Liye
Akhil Sachdeva

Sidhu Moose Wala

Amrit Maan


Cognac Queen
Megan Thee Stallion

Way 2 Sexy

Now that you know what’s happening there’s just one thing left to do, Reel it Up!