Eshna Kutty is an Indian legend in the field of hula hooping who went viral all over social media not only for acing hula hoops but also for wearing a saree at the same time and performing with such ease! Wearing the six yards of traditional attire along with sneakers, she oozed such a carefree attitude dancing on ‘Genda Phool’ that netizens can’t help but enjoy her moves!

Check out her viral video in which she explains #sareeflow and received over 2 million views :

Being in the limelight since then, she has featured in Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Main Sherni’ song alongside Vidya Balan, sung by Akasa and Raftaar. That’s not all. Previously, she had also appeared in Nescafe’s advertisement ‘Karne Se Hee Hona Hai’. Would you believe she has performed in Times Power Women 2018 too? Well, she deserves all the love and recognition she’s getting!

Here are her Nescafe clips:

The hula hoop and saree flow sensation currently have 163K followers on Instagram and 14.9K subscribers on YouTube. With fondness and passion, she also runs a community for all the hoopers and movers, Hoop Flo, where you can learn, shop, and find other hoop spinners! Isn’t that amazing? Well, I, for one, am definitely impressed with her blazing energy and enthusiasm. We can understand that the love she’s getting, she’s returning it ten folds in such a way that makes us speechless.

From being on the digital covers of Grazia to getting featured in SSSMagazine and Vogue, Eshna had also collaborated with Casa Bacardi, Puma, Tata Cliq Luxury, and Fastrack. Oh, she was also spotted in Ritviz’s ‘Chalo Chalein’!

Check out the way she gracefully combined fashion and dance for Tata Cliq Luxury:

Fastrack x Eshna Kutty:

Now, here’s her Casa-ready performance!

Even when she had just 8.3K followers on Instagram, Eshna had been interviewed by NewsX. She’s such an inspiration!

Damn, doesn’t she look so cool in this collaboration with Puma?

Being her true self with SSSMagazine:

The flow artist worked with Ritu Kumar’s label in 2019!

Aside from hula hooping, it seems she’s also talented in singing and playing guitar! Atta girl! Btw, she plays the musical keyboard too!

Last but not the least, enjoy Ritviz’s ‘Chalo Chalein’ in which Eshna showed her skills like a pro:

Whenever we think of Eshna Kutty, the first thing that comes to our mind is hula hooping. But I’m glad to say that from starting her spinning journey, she has come a long way now. Now, she’s an icon for so many people out there. She’s teaching the community that hula hooping is not only an art form but a therapy too.

Appearing in interviews and holding workshops are a norm for her now, but what matters is that she’s still the same humble person and fame didn’t affect her. Her passion as a flow artist reflects in the way she’s still adamantly growing her Hoop Flo community, and travelling to other places to teach others the same with equal enjoyment.