The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has recently sanctioned the “Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023” with a vision to fortify the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) in its role of advocating government campaigns across the digital media arena. Government’s pivotal move comes as a response to the evolving landscape of media consumption, predominantly shaped by the proliferation of digital platforms.

Government's New Digital Advertisement Policy

Empowering Central Bureau of Communication (CBC)

This newly sanctioned policy empowers the CBC to enlist agencies and entities operating within the realms of Over-the-Top (OTT) and Video on Demand (VOD) services. It paves the way for leveraging digital platforms, streamlining the process of enlisting internet websites, and directing public service campaigns through mobile applications. The enlistment of new and innovative communication platforms in the digital sphere is subject to the endorsement of a meticulously formed committee.

Targeting the Digital Audience

With the exponential rise in the digital audience, this policy aims to efficiently convey citizen-centric messages, ultimately leading to cost savings. Given the substantial contribution of the government’s Digital India initiative in bolstering internet penetration and telecom subscriptions, exceeding 880 million and 1172 million respectively, this policy assures transparent procedures through competitive bidding for determining rates. The rates thus established will remain applicable for three years, catering to all qualifying agencies.

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Aligning with Digital India’s Mission

The Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023, seamlessly aligns with the government’s larger agenda of augmenting digital outreach. It complements the social media endeavours of ministries and departments, enhancing the dissemination of critical information to citizens. The CBC, functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, remains resolute in adapting to the swiftly evolving media landscape and harnessing emerging technologies for efficient communication.

Government's efforts at introducing new digital ad policy
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This groundbreaking policy is poised to revolutionise the government’s communication strategies, especially in the digital realm. It aims to ensure a more widespread and effective transmission of essential information and government initiatives to the public, leveraging the ever-expanding digital infrastructure.