What could be more ideal than a couple who worships and believes in God? Gourab and Diana’s marriage has resulted in an unshakable bond that highlights love, serenity, purity, and understanding.

Don’t worry, we are here to put an end to your hunt for a couple who would remind you of Lord Krishna and Radha!

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Diana Chintamani aka Dream GIRL with Vrindavan Soul met her better half, Gaurab, long back when she was traveling to India to visit several ISKCON temples and the two of them started sharing videos of them dancing to well-known religious hymns, which soon went viral on social media and left fans in awe.

Gourab and Diana are two people who have had success in a plethora of spheres, such as modeling, content creation, and dance while also establishing an excellent example of healthy living.

Soon after, they added more feathers to their hat by taking over the title of a well-known social media pair.

Diana was born in Russia, but as a devotee of Krishna, she has always had a strong love and attachment towards India. Diana has been raised in a loving home and environment thanks to her parents’ association with the ISKCON temple, which encouraged her desire.

Gaurab, who is a devotee of Krishna himself, crossed his path with Diana. Due to their PDA, the couple instantly gained more attention online.

Additionally, Chintamani runs her own pure eco-friendly silk saree online store called “silk_ahimsa“, where she assists in delivering eco-friendly saree all over the world.

Take a look at their love-filled images on social media and enjoy yourself as you scroll.