WhatsApp brings the features that you ask for and the ones that you did not ask for.

“We’re excited to add a set of new features to status on WhatsApp that make it easier to express yourself and connect with others.”, wrote WhatsApp blog.

Sharing information with friends and close acquaintances via status on WhatsApp is a common practice. Every status, which may include images, videos, GIFs, text, and more, vanishes after 24 hours. Your WhatsApp status is protected by end-to-end encryption, just like your private chats and phone calls, allowing you to transmit information safely and securely.

WhatsApp features

With this, they’ve come up with a set of five new features on WhatsApp that make it easier to express yourself and connect with others.

Selecting Private Audiences

You may now select who sees your status each time you update it because you may not always want to share it with all of your contacts. The default audience for your next status will be determined by your most recent choice, which will be stored.

Voice Message Status

On WhatsApp status, you will soon be able to record and share voice messages for up to 30 seconds. Voice status can be utilized to send more intimate updates, especially if speaking is a more natural way for you to communicate than typing.

Status Reactions

To give you a quick and simple way to react to status changes from your contacts, they are implementing status reactions. With the addition of eight emojis, you can now swiftly respond to any status by swiping up and tapping one of them. Still available are text, audio, stickers, and other types of responses to status updates.

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Rings for new updates on the Status

You won’t ever miss a status update from a loved one with the new status profile ring. Every time your contact posts a status update, this ring will be visible around their profile picture. The chat lists, participant lists for groups, and contact information will all show it.

Link Previews

You will now instantly receive a visual preview of a link’s content when you publish it on your status, much as when you send a message. Visual previews enhance the appearance of your status updates and help your contacts understand the link before clicking.

Users throughout the world have already begun receiving these upgrades, and everyone will have access to them in the upcoming weeks.