IPLIX Media, an award-winning influencer marketing and talent management agency, announced a special mental health initiative offering free, unlimited mental health therapy sessions for its content creators and employees. The influencer marketing agency partnered with the mental health platform Mindpeers to undertake this.

This initiative is expected to benefit approximately 250 content creators and employees within the span of a year. With this announcement, IPLIX Media becomes the first agency to extend mental health support to content creators.

The Rs. 900 crore+ influencer marketing industry is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 25% till 2025. This rapid growth will bring along staggering opportunities for influencers and companies in the space to grow.

However, keeping up with such rapid growth can sometimes take a toll on mental health. According to a 2020 report by inspire.me, a Norwegian influencer marketing platform, 47% of the 350 global influencers surveyed admitted that their career choice had an impact on their mental health. 67%  felt that there was currently a negative stigma around the word ‘influencer’. 32%, on the other hand, conceded that their work had a negative impact on their body image.

With this partnership, IPLIX Media aims to address this need gap to make the creator ecosystem a safe space for influencers and employees alike. This will further empower the agency to make mental health conversations mainstream, enabling work-life balance in the industry.

Speaking about the initiative, Neel Gogia, co-founder of IPLIX Media, said, “Today, influencer marketing is in a hyper-growth stage.” Every brand wants to join the creator bandwagon, resulting in an array of opportunities for the creators. While these opportunities open a gateway to growth, they can sometimes take a toll on mental health. Influencers and other stakeholders in the process always want to offer their creative best and subsequently tend to stretch themselves physically and mentally.

Through this partnership, we want to offer them a safe space to unwind and restore their mental health. Fortunately, the changing time has mainstreamed mental health conversations at work and we want to be the frontrunner in enabling this for the Indian creator ecosystem. ”

Neel Gogia, co-founder of IPLIX Media

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Lifestyle content creator, Ritvi Shah, said, “Unlike the common belief, being a content creator is not an easy job. You have to juggle multiple things at the same time and always be on top of trends. From firsthand experience, I can say that it takes a toll on you. I am glad that someone realized and recognized the impact it has on a creator’s mental health.

These mental health therapy sessions will empower us to optimally utilize our strengths, identify when we need to take a step back, and take decisions prioritizing our peace of mind. Initiatives like this truly set a new standard for creator-agency partnerships. I am excited to see how it unfolds!”

Ritvi Shah

Arpan Soni, VP of Talent Management at IPLIX Media, said, “Creators and influencers have become the backbone of the multi-billion-dollar influencer marketing ecosystem.” Every day we witness the lengths influencers go to deliver their creative best, both for their audience and the partner brands. Interacting with them on regular basis made us realize the detrimental impact being caused to mental health and thus, we decided to bring a revolution for them.

As their partners in the journey, we believe that it is the need of the hour to start this dialogue. “We are certain that an initiative of this magnitude will positively impact these content creators and the ecosystem as a whole.”

90% of IPLIX Media’s workforce is Gen Z, a generation that actively prioritizes mental health care. A study has shown that on average, Gen Z pays $149 per month for therapy, and 62% have taken a mental health day off from work. With free, unlimited therapy sessions, employees and influencers are set to claim both monetary and non-monetary benefits for themselves.

About IPLIX Media LLP

Started in 2019, IPLIX is one of the most well-renowned and fastest-growing influencer marketing and talent management agencies in India that dons an impeccable portfolio of 200+ creators such as Saloni Gaur, Tech Burner, etc, and 40+ brands from diverse domains such as lifestyle, technology, fitness and many more.

With the vision of creating a perfect symphony between creators and brands, IPLIX has witnessed a 400% growth in revenue in the last financial year. This growth can be attributed to IPLIX’s focus on one hand building a creator’s brand that goes beyond social numbers and deals and on the other enabling brands to identify the right creator basis metrics which are beyond superficial information like a blue tick or million followers. With in-depth ecosystem experience and targeted content strategy, IPLIX creates impeccable stories that build the right audience for the creators and at the same time fulfill brand business goals.