It can be challenging to locate a specific tab or bookmark in Google Chrome at times. Good news: There has recently been an update to the desktop Chrome address bar. From the address bar, you can now quickly search through your Chrome tabs, bookmarks, and history.

Use @tabs, @bookmarks and @history shortcuts

Starting with @tabs, @bookmarks, and @history, they now have three site search shortcuts that are directly built into the Chrome address bar.

@Tabs comes in handy when you have an explosion of tabs. Try it out by typing in “@tabs” in the address bar, pressing the “search tabs” button and then typing the title to see matching suggestions. Personally, I’m most guilty of having too many tabs when planning travel — like for the upcoming holidays. @Tabs can sift through heaps of tabs about flights, hotels, activities and rental cars to find the right tab. Combined with tab groups, @tabs makes getting things done easier.”, wrote a Google blog.

The @bookmarks shortcut can be useful if you had a hotel bookmarked months ago and want to check its availability now. By using @bookmarks, you may quickly and easily search across all of your bookmark folders to discover the bookmark you’re looking for.

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When looking for hiking routes while traveling, you might need to go back to an old website that you neglected to bookmark and is now difficult to locate. Thanks to @history, that won’t be a problem. With the help of this shortcut, you may easily navigate back to the page you’re looking for by fast searching through your browsing history from the address bar.

Custom site search shortcuts might help you save time

Do you have any go-to websites like YouTube or Google Drive that you frequent? To search through them directly from the Chrome address bar on your desktop, you can also enable your own custom site search shortcuts. Open Chrome settings on a desktop computer and select “Manage search engines and site search” (chrome:/settings/searchEngines). By typing “customize site search” into Chrome Actions, you can also get there quickly.