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Travel Influencers show their true spirit of exploring and inspiring people through their journeys that narrate their own travel stories. Well, we must thank these travel influencers who familiarize us with the bounties of nature in India.

These influencers will not only motivate you to pack your bags and go in the snow but also mesmerize you with their way of putting out content in a way that engages you till the very end. You will surely be in awe of their travel stories and experiences all around the globe.

Here are some travel influencers – and if you aren’t following them already, well now you know!

Savi & Vid

Popularly known as bruised passports, Savi and Vid should surely be called relationship goals instead. From high school romance to travel buddies, they share a bond that’s highly inspirational. They have traveled together for more than seven years, having traveled more than 90 nations in a span of 12 years.

Prachi & Harsh

These college sweethearts turned into life partners and eventually into travel partners. Prachi and Harsh are popularly known as twoticketsofreedom which happens to be their couple travel Instagram handle. They escaped the strenuous 9-5 to chase their passion for traveling.

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Larissa D’sa

Larissa is a very creative soul, she is also a graphic designer apart from being a Travel and Lifestyle Content Creator. Larissa has won quite a few awards for her amazing work – Cosmo Travel Influencer 20-21, Times Iconic Globe Influencer. She also has an inspirational presence on the Internet and makes content that engages the users a lot.

Rashmee & Anant

Travelwithsearats, are travel filmmaking and lifestyle creators. They have a following of almost 180k and still counting. They’ve traveled almost all of India and have also explored hidden gems. These two met in Junior College and have been together since then.

Sharanya Iyer

Being a Travel and Lifestyle influencer, Sharanya makes sure to serve her audience with quality content and adventurous travel videos. She identifies herself as a local and upbeat traveler. Her content is a treat to watch because of her creativity.