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Whilst sex is a controversial subject in India today, the country’s attitude towards sex was ridiculed by British colonial rulers when they first encountered our culture as they considered it to be “too liberated”. The birthplace of the Kama Sutra, India boasted of sexually progressive customs which were systemically and painstakingly wiped out by centuries of British colonialism.

Raja Ravi Varma Kama Sutra

If we get into the details of the ancient Indian Sanskrit text of the Kama Sutra; Kama relates to sensual and aesthetic pleasure which includes things like getting yourself a glass of wine, or chocolate, listening to your favourite music or even engaging in a long bath. Sex is just one of the Kama. Sutra means line or thread and in this case, it refers to a thread of verses that form a manual. 

So, the Kama Sutra is a guide to pleasure. It’s about how to have a good time and is not just limited to sex positions or eroticism. The book or guide includes topics like marriage advice, courtship tips and even how to have an affair. In no way does it objectify women or promote infidelity; it is a reminder to husbands on how to take care of their wives. 

The reason why I am writing this is because when I interviewed Yutheeka, I was blown away by how oblivious I was to the sex industry and adult content creation. I felt like we lived in two parallel worlds. So, I decided to read up on the subject and went down a rabbit hole.

Kama Sutra Yutheeka Adult Content Creator

According to a report made by Transparency Market Research, the global adult entertainment market (strip clubs, pornography, sex toys, and prostitution) was valued at US$172.5Bn in 2022 and is estimated to reach US$267.3Bn by the end of 2031. The two most important takeaways from this report are:

  • The regional insights of the report reveal that while U.S. is the largest production hub for adult entertainment content, Asia Pacific has shown the highest demand in the sector. 
  • Online adult entertainment is the most prominent and dominant segment in the global industry as compared to other segments like strip clubs, sex toys, etc.

This background research helped me structure my interview with Yutheeka who was sweet enough to answer all my questions without any inhibitions and even explain terms that I hadn’t heard before. Here’s an excerpt from our insightful and interesting chat.

Kama Sutra Yutheeka Adult Content Creator

Q: Can you share a little background about what you do?

A: I wear multiple hats; I am a boudoir model (boudoir means intimate, bedroom photography), a sexual wellness influencer, a dominatrix so I conduct pro-domme sessions, a full-time adult content creator and a writer. I also run my business and work on everything related to content creation for my page. 

Q: How did you discover the adult content industry? And how did you grow in this niche?

A: I started as a boudoir model and I was always into self-portraits even when I was as young as 15 or 16 years old. I would take the camera, pose and click pictures of myself. You know, I was always interested in my body, sexualising wasn’t necessarily my plan. I realized that I can look beautiful and elegant when I pose a certain way.

From boudoir, I got into nude art and realized that I needed to sell these pictures online. I couldn’t do that on Instagram, as I would get banned. I started searching for secondary platforms, and that’s how it started. I decided to take the ante up by making videos that were a little spicier and that’s how I discovered the industry and today I am a full-time adult content creator.

Q: The online sex industry can be quite brutal, in your journey from a boudoir model to a pro domme, what have you learnt about this industry? 

A: This industry has taught me so much but it is also an extremely demanding space to be in. It demands your time, patience, energy, and peace because let’s accept it is an intimidating space. You are putting yourself out there in the most vulnerable way possible. The industry makes you mentally tough so you have to know your self-worth. 

You have to understand that adult content creation is not just about nude photography or pornography, it also means creating feet content or content that is just focusing on armpits. While the amount of money you make is a lot more than what you spend, you are sacrificing a lot of yourself in the process. I think I have made peace with it and I have understood my place in life. I know what I have to offer is irreplaceable and I am irreplaceable.

Q: Can you tell us what a day in your life looks like?

A: So, I don’t have a set routine every day. It depends on how I want to plan my day. But I usually create content for my social media, reply to messages on my OF account – I get about 200 messages a day that I respond to (this is something I really love doing), follow up with my slave to check on my finances since I am a dominatrix, and take pro-domme sessions (again, this is something I am super passionate about).

Kama Sutra Yutheeka Adult Content Creator

Q: Feet pictures are one of the most uncanny yet lucrative ways of making money, do you have some really weird sources of income too?

A:  (Chuckles) Yes, I have sold some weird stuff. When I first started, I sold my ear wax and sold each earbud for around Rs.1500, I have sold my used toilet brush and my fingernails. I also earned a good sum of money once by selling the clear plastic bandage of my tattoo. It’s weird because sometimes men just transfer money randomly to me and I think the most that someone has transferred to me has been about Rs. 1.5 lakhs, that is another way of making money.

Other than these, I am also a freelance writer and write for magazines, I write erotica too, give voices to erotica, and my pro-domme sessions are another source of income.

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Q: On average, how much money do you make per month?

A: I am not comfortable sharing an amount and it really fluctuates depending on the work I do in a month. But it’s a good enough six-figure or seven-figure income per month. 

Q: How do you ensure safety in your line of work since it is all online and easily available? 

A: I have a very good copyright infringement team that handles all my work – articles, pictures, paintings, everything that I do. Also, I have a great lawyer in my team who has been there for me through many hurdles in my professional career. I am grateful to have a good team but many in the industry aren’t so blessed.  

Q: You are also working on some E-books, can you please tell us more about this? 

A: Yes, I am currently working on at least 4 E-books. The idea was to share my experience and knowledge of the industry. The book will talk about navigating the online adult entertainment industry from whatever I have learnt in my journey. The reason I wanted to share this with everyone is because “It is a big pie and I believe, everyone can eat it”.

Kama Sutra Yutheeka Adult Content Creator

Q: You have a background in journalism, and you are a freelance writer, what made you pick the adult entertainment industry? 

A: Yes, I am an educated woman and I know I could have held a good corporate job in a senior position but I don’t think I could have reached my potential. I would have held myself back. Personally, I would have felt stuck in the whole marriage-husband-stable job-baby rut. I shake even when I think about it but that’s me and I know that this is something I don’t want. What I am doing right now makes me so happy. I am in control of my time, energy, finances, everything. I am educating people about my life, breaking taboos, and being open about sex, and I think that is one of the greatest achievements of my life. I would never change this. Adult content creation and being a dominatrix gave me the freedom to express my feminity in one of the loveliest ways possible.