Ibrahim Ali Khan, the son of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan and his ex-wife Amrita Singh has made headlines with his highly-anticipated Instagram debut. The young lad yesterday stated that he would make his social media debut while chatting with paparazzi, in which he assured that he would make it at 11 AM tomorrow. True to his word, Ibrahim made his grand entrance into the world of Instagram, much to the delight of his eager fans.

A Fashionable Introduction

In his inaugural post, Ibrahim treated his followers to a glimpse of his impeccable style and undeniable charisma. Sporting two distinct looks, Ibrahim effortlessly exuded confidence and poise. In one outfit, he donned a green tee paired with beige pants and green shoes, radiating a casual yet chic vibe. 

In another striking outfit, Ibrahim rocked a sports look wearing a white tee with maroon accents, perfectly complemented by matching shorts and a casually draped sweater. Accompanying his stylish looks was a caption that hinted at his determination to carve his own path in the world of entertainment: “Legacy? I’ll make my own.”

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PUMA Ambassadorship Announcement

Adding to the excitement of his Instagram debut, Ibrahim already announced his collaboration with renowned sportswear brand PUMA as its newest ambassador through his inaugural post. The news was met with enthusiasm from fans and industry insiders alike.

Celebrity Welcomes and Reactions

The Bollywood fraternity wasted no time in showering Ibrahim with warm wishes and encouragement. Notable personalities such as Kareena Kapoor, Karan Johar, and Saba Pataudi were among the first to extend their greetings. 

Celebrities welcome Ibrahim Ali Khan as he makes his Instagram Debut

Content creators Chandni Bhabhda, Sufi Motiwala, and Apoorva Mukhija were just a few of the many celebrities who expressed their excitement at Ibrahim’s Instagram debut.

Rapid Rise in Followers

Within hours of his Instagram debut, Ibrahim Ali Khan’s follower count skyrocketed, with an impressive 590K followers already flocking to his profile. His debut post also garnered significant attention, amassing over 205K likes in a short span of time. This overwhelming response surely indicates that he is a viral sensation already.

With a rising followers count, Ibrahim Ali Khan Made his Instagram Debut

With his Instagram debut, Ibrahim Ali Khan has not only won the hearts of fans but has also cemented his position as a promising talent in the world of Bollywood. Fans can undoubtedly look forward to witnessing more of Ibrahim’s unique charm and infectious energy on both the silver screen and social media platforms alike.