YouTube India’s most loved family the Flying Beast family have left us in awe after an announcement that was a part of their 12th May’s YouTube video.

Gaurav Taneja who runs three youtube channels namely, FitMuscle TV for fitness, Rasbhari Ke Papa for gaming and Flying Beast for vlogging surprised his fans by revealing something exciting on the vlogging channel. Gaurav and Ritu who are currently living in Lucknow with their baby daughter Kaira (Rasbhari) revealed that the couple is pregnant again! You heard that right, in his last vlog titled “Sharing a Special News..” Gaurav revealed that his wife Ritu is pregnant clearing all the rumours that had been going on in the comment section.

This news is by far one of the most wholesome news we’ve heard in aeons. We are still not over Rasbhari and her dog Mau’s cute moments but now with the new baby on its way we cannot help but flood our rooms with tears of joy!

The thought that Rasbhari will soon be an elder sister is in itself too pure. We can only wonder what new shots of cuteness are going to come our way, perhaps we’ll see Rashi teach the baby “Moo Baa! La La La” or perhaps we will get a new variant of the glorious Chiklu song. Whatever it is one thing is for certain that Flying Beast channel is officially the cutest channel YouTube India has ever had.
With all these thoughts stacking up we just cannot wait for Baby Beast 2.0!!

To Gaurav, Ritu and Rasbhari. Congratulations! Accept our heartiest wishes on such an amazing time of your life!