Want to get a taste of aesthetic fashion? Creator Ritvi is here to feed you with her idiosyncratic content, including tips and tutorials too. None can match her level of craziness, creativeness, humour, and most significantly, persistence. Well, maybe not none but most is definitely apt, ‘cause there’s Sarthak to accompany her! If you haven’t seen their videos, you’re seriously missing out on something enjoyable. 

Let’s decode Ritvi’s aesthetic fashion reels that are giving everyone major goals:

  1. Co-ord sets for summer

All the co-ord sets are from Masaya Couture. The lipstick shade is ‘Silent Stalker’ from Faces Canada and the bag is from Rerunn. Inaya Accessories were common in both outfits one and two. Also, the other pieces of jewellery were from Kiwi Blossom in outfit one, Jeune in outfit two, and Eera Jewellery Studio in outfit three. In outfit four, the earrings were from Not Just Knots and the sunglasses were from Lulu and Sky. Beginning with pastel pink attire, the second one was of animal print, thirdly, she wore an emerald green, and she ended it with a dark blue ensemble full of mini dots. How can we even have ‘thodi khali si jagah’ after watching this?  

  1. Scenarios with Hollywood Celebs

The first scenario is ‘Brunch with Kendall Jenner’, in which she’s wearing a top from Wavyrags Thrift and pants from Zara. In ‘Afterparty with Zendaya’ she chose a dress from Durty Fits, and a black corset belt from Amazon. For ‘Tropical getaway with Gigi Hadid’, she wore a dress from Zudio. Finally, for ‘Dinner date with Harry Styles’ she selected a blouse from Bouclé, pants from Zara, a bag from Lavie, and earrings from Kiwi Blossom. Accessories from Weekend Lane were repeated in scenarios one and three. Jeune accessories were common in both second and third scenarios, and Ritvi also used a bag from Rerunn

  1. Cool wearable summer outfits

Ritvi wore a black co-ord set from Label: Panila, along with jewelleries from Meraz and The Window Shop in her first look. In the second one, she wore her mom’s top, pants from Zara, and accessories from The Boho Kid. In the third outfit, the scarf was from Rucha Gurjar Label, sweatpants were from Bonkers Corner, and jewellery from Jeune. Accessories from Inaya were used in both second and third outfits, and the bag is from Rerunn. So, did you get ‘goosebumps’ viewing her reel?

  1. Ariana Grande inspired outfits on Women’s Day

Accessories in ‘Dangerous Woman’ were from The Boho Kid. The tennis skirt in ‘Point of View’ was from Pretty Little Skirts, and the jewellery was from Jeune. Inaya Accessories was a part of the first two songs. In ‘Positions’, she wore Amazon’s corset belt which was repeated in the first song too, and an accessory from One Jewel at A Time. Ritvi chose Mio Kumud dresses for both ‘Positions’ and ‘Thank you, next’. Also, the earrings for the latter were from Sugar Plump Shop. In ‘God as a Woman’, she selected pieces of jewellery from Ssaundaraya and Kiwi Blossom. Again, the latter brand was also selected for the accessory in ‘Positions’.

  1. Denim outfits

These four-denim outfits are from Attic India. Ritvi’s mix and match styling really suit her. The first one is a denim dress, followed by a dungaree dress. Thirdly, she wore a denim knotted shirt with a skirt and topped it with an oversized denim shirt. Lastly, she paired a denim sleeveless dress with a black mesh top and corset belt. 

With such fashion inspo from Ritvi you would definitely want to grab and collect outfits endlessly. Sigh! I wish we could have our personal shopping mall, but we can’t have everything we want. So, go for thrifting and mix-matching clothes just the way Ritvi did!