Very few in the world have the confidence to pursue their dreams and stick to reaching their goals without giving up. One such content creator that quickly comes to mind who has worked her way up is Dolly Singh. The girl with the most beautiful smile has made us all laugh with her great comic timing and her perfect rendition of ‘South Delhi Girls’ at iDiva. The girl who started with making funny videos on YouTube to the actress who walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival – Dolly Singh has come a long way and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that she is now making her way to Social Nation 2024.

Dolly Singh is coming to Social Nation 2024

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From YouTube To The Big Screen – Dolly Singh

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Dolly Singh has worked her way into films like ‘Thank You For Coming’ and ‘Double XL’. Moreover, she has featured in the Prime Video series – Modern Love Mumbai. Dolly debuted on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in 2023 looking like a real diva. The girl has achieved what many dream of and she has miles to go.

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With awards like the IWM Digital Awards For The Most Popular Social Media Star (Female) in 2023, Promising Debutant of the Year 2023, The Award For Best Cannes 2023, Dolly has proved her mettle in creativity and humour.

Social Nation Festival 2024

The Social Nation Festival, set to unfold at the vibrant Jio World Garden, Mumbai, promises to be a grand celebration of creativity and talent from around the globe. With luminaries like Dolly Singh gracing the event, attendees can anticipate two days brimming with laughter, inspiration, and unforgettable experiences. As Dolly continues to redefine comedy and content creation, her presence at the Social Nation Festival 2024 is poised to ignite sparks of laughter and inspiration among attendees.

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