Humour is gift from heavens that not many possess. Today we bring to you, the one who carries the cape of humour as naturally as ever. Ladies and Gentleman, we are talking about The Srishti Dixit. Bringing her creative flair from the good old BuzzFeed days to now joining the glitzy corridors of Bollywood, Srishti Dixit is a brand in herself. Transitioning from her role as a Bollywood celebrity reporter at BuzzFeed, to content creation and acting, she has honed her acumen. Bringing her trademark commentary and her perfect comic timing, Srishti Dixit is all set to sizzle at Social Nation Festival 2024.

Srishti Dixit at Social Nation Festival 2024

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Srishti Dixit- A Trailblazer in Comedy

While Shayan and Srishti duo was a fan favourite at BuzzFeed, Srishti found widespread fame through Netflix’s YouTube show Behensplaining, alongside Kusha Kapila. During her content creation journey, her comedy videos continue to strike a chord with viewers.

Beyond her digital endeavours, Srishti has also been an inseparable part of YouTube Fanfests and also found her stop at notable platforms like Firstpost’s “Social Media Star,” sharing the stage with prominent figures like politician Shashi Tharoor. With appearances in acclaimed shows like Staff Room – Teacheron Ka Adda, On Air with AIB, and The Great Indian Family, Srishti Dixit continues to carve her niche in the entertainment industry, entertaining audiences with her unique blend of humour and relatability.

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Social Nation Festival 2024

The Social Nation Festival, set to unfold at the vibrant Jio World Garden, Mumbai, promises to be a grand celebration of creativity and talent from around the globe. With luminaries like Srishti Dixit gracing the event, attendees can anticipate two days brimming with laughter, inspiration, and unforgettable experiences. As Srishti continues to redefine comedy and content creation, her presence at the Social Nation Festival 2024 is poised to ignite sparks of laughter and inspiration among attendees.

While we absolutely cannot wait to see our very favourite Srishti Dixit own up the stage like nobody else, our greedy hearts are also asking for more as Social Nation is hosting Asia’s Largest Creator Festival Mumbai event where the biggest digital stars are all set to dance, sing, laugh, meet and entertain each one of you. See you at the Creators Festival Mumbai event on 20th and 21st April.