As humans, we all have insecurities. It could be related to the way we look, the way we speak, the way we dress, the choices we make, et al. Where do these insecurities stem from? Sometimes, society tells us ‘you’re not good enough‘ or ‘you don’t fit in‘. These words tend to hurt, especially when it’s from our close ones. It takes a lot of courage to fight those insecurities and put your real self out there with confidence.

Content creators, social media personalities, celebrities, and public figures deal with this on the daily. Recently, Dolly Singh put up a heartfelt post talking about her biggest insecurity – getting body shamed for being too skinny. After facing years of negative comments surrounding her body shape, Dolly composed a relatable post about her struggles with weight gain and loss.

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Dolly: The Safest Space

Dolly Singh has successfully navigated various difficulties and shattered stereotypes through her talent and determination. Her journey from a small town to global recognition is incredibly inspiring. Dolly also extensively promotes body positivity on social media and recently spoke out about facing constant criticism for her weight.

The Heartfelt Post

In her lengthy note, Dolly begins by explaining how she tends to lose weight easily “being on the naturally skinny side of the spectrum.” She further shared that she had lost more weight recently due to a busy schedule and stress. However, she wasn’t bothered by it. Dolly chooses to now love her body in every state. “I have grown up despising my body, hating every bit of it, so this…is growth,” wrote the creator.

While she has come to accept and love her body the way it is, people around her haven’t yet. Dolly pointed out some people always have something to say about others’ weight. Despite her confidence, she recently chose to avoid meeting someone to dodge their comments on her looks. Dolly came to the realisation that there are only a few people and places in her life she can go to without the fear of being judged.

Dolly Singh content creator heartfelt post Instagram weight-shaming body shape issues body positivity celebrities react

The ‘Thank You For Coming‘ star opened up about how her home is still not one of the safe spaces for her. “Maybe someday,” she hopes. Dolly Singh ended the note with a powerful message. “If you could do something today, try to be someone’s safespace. And count your own blessings of people in your life who don’t care about the kgs fluctuating but the smiles on your face,” she urged.

Celebrities React

Dolly Singh’s honest feelings towards her body and weight-shaming, in general, garnered a lot of love and appreciation. People flooded her comments section with appreciation and applause for speaking up on this issue. And not just that, even celebrities resonated with her sentiments and lauded her for it.

Mrunal Thakur

Lust Stories 2 fame Mrunal Thakur reposted Dolly’s post on her Instagram story and extended her support. “Thank you Dolly Singh. Please count me in your safe space. I wish people fixed their souls and not bodies,” wrote Mrunal. To this, Dolly replied, “I met Mrunal on my way to Cannes last year at a connecting airport and the way she took care of me and helped me>>>>>🥺🥺🥺 Safe space from Day 1!

Mrunal has always been vocal about body positivity and inclusivity. Despite her success, she is no stranger to body shaming. In 2024, she opened up about the impact of being trolled for her physique on her mental health in an interview with Humans of Bombay

She said, “There were days where I didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t want to get out of my bed, but I did, not for others, but for myself. I’m feeling low one day, two days, three days, weeks, months, but nobody’s going to care except your family. So I feel like it’s so important to remind ourselves that if there are bad days, there will be good days.” 

Dolly Singh content creator heartfelt post Instagram weight-shaming body shape issues body positivity celebrities react Mrunal Thakur

Hania Aamir

Actress Hania Aamir has also used her online platform extensively to speak up for mental health. When Dolly shared a post on combating body shaming, Hania felt compelled to reshare the message on her IG story. 

Moved by Dolly’s compelling words, Hania wrote, “It takes tremendous courage to fight your fears and insecurities and then turn every mean comment into your armour and try to give your community something positive out of the negativity you have received. You’re a queen! Thank you for this powerful message!” Dolly, in turn, hailed Hania as a “queen“.

Dolly Singh content creator heartfelt post Instagram weight-shaming body shape issues body positivity celebrities react Hania Aamir

When your favourite creator or celebrity speaks about an issue that they go through and you resonate with, it makes them more human and relatable. Dolly Singh’s post on body positivity did just that. More power to you, Dolly!