Aksh Baghla has the artistry and creativity to bring together two melodies and make it one seamless melody that you just can’t stop humming. From humble beginnings to collaborating with industry giants, Aksh’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Starting his musical odyssey at a tender age, Aksh ventured into the world of YouTube with cover songs that resonated deeply with audiences. His soulful renditions quickly propelled him to stardom, earning him a legion of devoted followers. And now the talented creator and artist is now all set to meet his fans LIVE at Social Nation 2024.

Aksh Baghla

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A Music Artist & A Social Media Maven

Beyond his musical prowess, Aksh is a social media maven, regularly engaging with fans on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Through live Q&A sessions, he offers insights into his music and life as an artist, fostering a deeper connection with his audience. But perhaps what sets Aksh apart is his versatility. From showcasing the Indian version of ‘1 Guy, 30 Voices’ to collaborating with global sensations like Lauv and Ananya Birla, he continues to push boundaries and redefine the music landscape.

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Honored as the Music Sensation of the Year at the InfluencEx Exhibit Awards and appointed as the Culture Brand Ambassador of India by the Ministry of Culture, Aksh Baghla’s star continues to rise, inspiring a new generation of music enthusiasts with his passion and talent.

See You At Social Nation 2024!

After a hiatus of 4 years, Social Nation is back with its Creators Festival Mumbai to bring the biggest creators and their fans under the same roof. With an extraordinary line-up, the 2 days at Jio World Garden, Mumbai will be an experience of a lifetime. 

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