Dino James is a famous Indian rapper, artist, author, and lyricist. He has a self-named Youtube channel where he regularly puts up his music recordings. His songs and recordings reflect the truth of his life and majority of the verses of his melodies depend on his genuine encounters, life experiences and battles fought by him.

On 20th May, 2021. Dino released his new single “PLASTIC” which is what he quotes as a song for “someone really close to my heart”. Prior to the song’s release he had even teased about the release in his Instagram post.

PLASTIC, is a power packed single where the rapper is seen narrating his realisations from life experiences and is seen calling out all the fake people who turn out to be nothing but ‘plastic‘.
The song has seen a lot of craze from the people on the internet. Within a day of its release, the music video has garnered over a Million views and is Trending on #5 in the Youtube Music section!

Now, words just cannot do justice to what a thrilling music video the power packed Dino has in store for you, so it is time that you watch it yourself and feel the hype!
Watch it here: