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YouTube has introduced a new feature called clips to its interface that allows users to make short videos from memorable locations in live streams or from normal YouTube videos. According to the official description “a clip is a short looking part of a video or live stream with like a GIF with sound.

The clip icon can be found beneath the title of the video along the line where like and dislike buttons are located. Complementing its feature the Clip icon is displayed via a scissors icon.

Source Digital Information World
Source Digital Information World

According to YouTube support page, “Clips [feature] is currently in limited alpha. Right now, a limited number of channels have the clips feature turned on for their channel. While Creators can’t sign up to participate in the alpha, we hope to roll out this feature soon.

The feature will allow viewers to crop from 5 up to 60 seconds worth of video footage and use it to share their favourite moments. With the feature slowly picking up pace, YouTube may extend it to shorts, their very own short video format where other creators will be able to express themselves creatively and also grow personally with it.