When we talk about love, we’re describing how we feel about someone significant in our lives. While expressing the mentioned feeling or the emotion associated with it, we often use phrases like butterflies in the stomach, heart skipping a beat, and so on. Love is a person who makes us feel that way, not just an emotion. It’s more than simply being with someone on their best days; it’s also being with them on their worst days. Here’s a story about a couple who are willing to do so for the rest of their lives: Shivani Bafna and Shyam Shah.

Their love tale began when they met for a college dance event. Both of them hit it off when they mentioned Bollywood actors in their talks, and that’s how the storey began. Soon after, they began dating, however it was a long distance relationship for a year and a half because Shivani was chasing her ambition in the entertainment sector in Mumbai and Shyam was an NRI working as an investment banker in NYC. They barely met for a week in a year, but if a pair can do that, they can do anything. So, without further ado, how about we start talking about the major proposal?

Shivani’s journey began when she was picked up from the airport in a limousine. She was asked to relax and enjoy the voyage while reading a letter from her soon-to-be-fiance. When she entered the room, she found a gown on the bed and a letter instructing her to dress and allow the chauffeur to transport her to her next location. While on her trip, she was accompanied by a film prepared by Shyam, which had both of their families performing for her, as well as a monologue filmed by Shyam, in which he expressed his confusion before realising that Shivani is the lady for him and that he wants to marry her.

She had already arrived at her destination and was blindfolded when she finished watching the movie. Then we see a rose-petal-covered floor and a large crowd of people gathered from a distance to take part in the celebration. The event took place in Paris, right in front of the Eiffel Tower at the Trocadero Gardens. Shyam begins to perform with her family and friends once her eyes have regained sight, and she is taken aback because she has no idea how they got there in the first place. Following that, Shyam asks Shivani’s parents for permission to propose to her, and is overjoyed when they say yes. Shivani’s eyes well up with delighted tears as he does another dance. Shyam gets down on one knee and proposes to her once the song concludes. The viewers of the video cry when she says yes and Shyam puts the ring on her finger.

Everyone who watches Bollywood movies fantasises about a huge proposal, and when we witness one happen in real life, it sets a new bar for us all. While some people live out their fantasies of being proposed to in such a grand way by watching fictional stories, others raise the bar every time they witness such a great gesture.

So, are you prepared to shed some happy tears? You might want to watch the proposal video, followed by the stuff Shivani posts, till my pen writes more for you. Keep the tissues on hand for the first part. You’ve got it!