Coca-Cola has raised the curtains over an innovative trial initiative aimed at reducing packaging waste and simplifying recycling processes for its popular beverage line, Sprite and Sprite Zero. By removing the traditional plastic labels and going label-less by incorporating embossed logos and laser-engraved product information, the company is pioneering a sustainable approach to on-the-go packaging.

Coca-Cola introduces label-less Sprite and Sprite Zero

Sustainable Packaging Innovation

In a move to streamline recycling efforts, Coca-Cola’s trial involves the removal of labels from single 500ml bottles of Sprite and Sprite Zero. Instead of conventional labels, embossed logos adorn the front of the bottles, while essential product and nutritional details are laser engraved onto the back. This eco-conscious move reflects Coca-Cola’s ongoing commitment to reducing packaging waste and enhancing recyclability.

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Trial Details

The label-less bottles will be available for purchase at eight Tesco Express stores located in Brighton and Hove, Bristol, London, and Manchester from January to March 2024. Maintaining their signature clear PET material, these bottles will be distinguishable by green and transparent caps, denoting whether they contain Sprite or Sprite Zero.

Coca-Cola brings label-less Sprite and Sprite Zero at Tesco Express

Environmental Impact and Brand Innovation

This initiative aligns with Coca-Cola’s broader efforts to implement sustainable packaging solutions. Stephen Moorhouse, GB General Manager at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, underscores the company’s dedication to creating a future where plastic drink packaging can be recycled multiple times. James Bull, Head of Packaging and Food Waste Strategy at Tesco commends Coca-Cola’s proactive approach, recognising the trial as an example of brand innovation in addressing environmental concerns.

Industry Milestone

The trial is a significant milestone for the industry, marking the first time these technologies have been combined in a global pilot. It also marks a risky step in identifying the brand, especially in a choice-driven market like ours. The potential for long-term changes in how brands communicate with consumers while signalling a shift towards more sustainable packaging practices is something we will have to wait and watch.

Coca-Cola goes label-less for Sprite and Sprite Zero for a trial period

Coca-Cola’s label-less packaging trial for Sprite and Sprite Zero represents a commendable step towards sustainable packaging innovation. By leveraging embossed logos and laser-engraved product information, the company aims to minimise packaging waste and simplify recycling processes, setting a precedent for future environmental initiatives within the beverage industry.