Today is said to be a historic day for Indians as we inaugurate the legendary ‘Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir’ in Ayodhya. After the landmark judgement from the Supreme Court in 2019, that ordered the disputed land to be handed over for the construction of the temple, there has been a celebratory mood across India. Since the last two weeks, there has been ample media attention given to the consecration ceremony. Riding on the fame, many brands have come forward to market themselves and to borrow the attention while celebrating the massive cultural phenomenon. 

ram mandir


As the country awaits the official consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya with bated breath, Coca-Cola has unveiled a unique marketing approach. Departing from its iconic red branding, the company has adopted the temple themed vending machines featuring shades of brown. This strategic move aims to offer a refreshing touch to the influx of pilgrims gathered for the auspicious occasion.

Brands like coca-cola market themselves near the Ayodhya temple


Dabur, a brand synonymous with natural products, is making its mark during the Ayodhya festivities as well. The company has partnered with highway dhabas, transforming them with quirky Hajmola props. Pilgrims can engage with samples and branding activities, providing them with a taste of Dabur’s diverse product range, from hair oils to teas.

Brands like Dabur market themselves near the Ayodhya temple

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Adding a fragrant touch to Ayodhya’s air, ITC’s Mangaldeep brand is playing a pivotal role. Collaborating with the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, Mangaldeep is creating a ‘Khushboo Path‘ to spread its aromatic offerings. As part of the association, Mangaldeep has generously donated its flagship dhoop, the ‘Mangaldeep 3 in 1 Dhoop,’ for a significant duration from the Temple’s opening date.

Brands like ITC market themselves near the Ayodhya temple

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Adani Wilmar’s Fortune brand is taking centre stage with a series of on-ground activities designed to capture the attention of the large congregation of devotees in Ayodhya. From gate branding to hoardings, shopboards, and kiosks, Fortune is making its presence felt the traditional way amidst the festive fervour.

Brands like Fortune market themselves near the Ayodhya temple


Parle Products is leaving no stone unturned to ensure its products reach a broader audience during the temple festivities. The company has significantly increased distribution of its biscuits, confectionery, and snacks across Ayodhya and neighbouring towns. With extensive sampling initiatives, Parle aims to showcase its diverse portfolio to a wider spectrum of consumers.

Brands like Fortune market themselves near the Ayodhya temple


Bisleri, a trusted name in bottled water, is gearing up to meet the increased demand of water along road routes to Ayodhya and within the city. Additionally, Bisleri Greener Promise, the sustainability arm of Bisleri International, is collaborating with local authorities to place over 200 bins for plastic recycling across a 5-kilometre stretch, contributing to fostering sustainable living in Ayodhya.

Brands like Bisleri market themselves near the Ayodhya temple

As the nation converges on Ayodhya to witness the historic consecration of the Ram Temple, it’s evident that leading brands are not just bystanders; they are integral contributors to the festive atmosphere. Each brand is playing a unique role in enhancing the celebratory spirit. As the celebrations unfold, these brands showcase not only their products but also their commitment to being an integral part of the cultural fabric of Ayodhya.