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Artificial intelligence is steadily making work easier for people, it wouldn’t be a shock if it takes over. Meta just announced CICERO, it’s first AI agent to have human-level performance.

“Today, we’re announcing CICERO, the first artificial intelligence (AI) agent to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy. Diplomacy has been viewed as a nearly impossible challenge in AI because it requires players to understand people’s motivations and perspectives, make complex plans and adjust strategies, and use language to convince people to form alliances.”

With AI that can communicate and compete with people in gaming using strategic reasoning and natural language, CICERO represents a breakthrough in human-AI interactions.

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CICERO heralds the dawn of a new era for AI that can cooperate with people while playing games using strategic reasoning and natural language processing, and the lessons learned from such technology may one day result in collaborative intelligent assistants.

Although CICERO can only be used to play diplomacy, the technology that underlies it is applicable to numerous other uses. For instance, today’s AI assistants can answer straightforward questions like “What’s the weather?” But what if they could have a lengthy conversation with you in order to teach you a new skill?

“By open-sourcing the code and models we hope that AI researchers can continue to build off our work in a responsible manner. Additionally, to gain access to the data, interested researchers can submit a proposal to our RFP in the area of human-AI cooperation through natural language using Diplomacy as the foundational environment. We’re excited about the potential for future advances in human-AI collaboration and seeing how others build on our research.”, mentioned Meta blog.