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If you are someone who has a problem choosing gifts. It’s okay because Google now has a solution for all- The frequent home remodeler, the whiz of gaming, the fitness freak, and the beauty fanatic.

Every Christmas season, Americans buy gifts for an average of more than seven people, and over third buy gifts for more than ten people. Google decided to be there to assist people in finding the ideal present, regardless of who or how many loved ones are on the user’s list.

“People shop with Google more than 1 billion times per day. So we’ve put together the Holiday 100 — 100 gift ideas and insights based on trending searches from 2022. You’ll find gift inspiration across categories like Home and Garden, Apparel and Accessories, Beauty, Gaming and Electronics, Health and Fitness, and Toys and Crafts.”, wrote Google blog.

100 gifts to gift by Google
The Holiday100 features 100 trending gift ideas

They also released a trend list that was noticed this year.

Here’s a peek at some of this year’s trends:

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Words like “stressful,” “exhausting,” and “overwhelming” are used by 50% of shoppers to characterise their thoughts about holiday shopping. We comprehend. We’ve added some of Google’s most useful purchasing tools to the Holiday 100 website to allay your gift-giving concerns. When you’ve found something you like on the list, just use criteria like price range, on sale, material, colour, or nearby to focus your search.

Finding the ideal present is tough, according to 60% of people. It need not be that way, though, thanks to the Holiday 100. Let’s hope for a smooth and enjoyable holiday shopping season through Google’s Holiday 100!