Nikunj Lotia (Nick) the man behind the comedy channel Be YouNick. Nick’s videos are best known for the twist in tale factor in them. Ever since the dawn of Instagram reels, Nick has been killing it on Instagram (@beyounick) with his hilarious reels. While we are on the subject of reels. Let’s have a look at the best Instagram reels of Be YouNick. Our top picks.

When You Miss Local Train Travel 

We know Mumbai local trains are the backbone of the city and missing them is nothing but natural. 

Everytime Car Hits a Pothole

Potholes are bad but Nick has a way to make them fun! 

Piano Lessons 

Who knew learning piano would be this easy (correction: painfully easy) 

I don’t believe in ‘Soulmates’ but

‘Baspan ka pyaar’ should never be forgotten. 

90s Kid Trying to Act Cool

This was all of us at some point in our lives! 

How I learnt Karate 

We never knew that jamming to Bollywood songs could make someone learn karate.

Pyaar Hume kis Mod Pe Le Aaya

It’s all fun and games until your crush walks in. 

How To Fire Your Security Guard

Well played Nick. Well played! 

Skinny Arms until Flexed 

Rise above hate. 

The Bro Code 

Get yourself a bro who saves you the way Murli saves Nick. 

Do you Remember? 

Yes, of course we remember. How can one ever forget! 

Struggles Of A Paparazzi During Pandemic

Confusion happens and it is only human to make mistakes. 

Brown Munde

We wish impressing our crush was this easy and smooth. 

How To Take Strategic Timeout in Relationships

Well of course cricket is more important than any other show! 

Lethal Weapon 

After Nokia 1100, this is definitely the most lethal weapon.

These were our top picks for the best Instagram Reels of Be YouNick. If you enjoyed watching these then do check out @beyounick‘s Instagram for more!