Parikrama, the rock and roll English band’s much appreciated single ‘Tears Of The Wizard’ finally turned 2! Released on August 28, 2019, the song was shot in Mechuka, an exclusive valley in Arunachal Pradesh, and was sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. The inspiration behind the song was ‘Gandalf the Grey’. Currently, the track has 172K views and 6.5K likes.

Watch ‘Tears Of The Wizard’ here:

About ‘Tears Of The Wizard’

Parikrama’s first concert was held in Mechuka on November 25, 2017. While flying over the beautiful valley in a chopper, they were mesmerised by the magical land. Instantly, they decided to shoot ‘Tears Of The Wizard’ there!

Now, let’s talk about their sponsorship approach which may be the first for any Indian rock band. Taking a different route, their Founder, Manager, and Organist, Subir Malik popped the idea of getting in touch with the ruling government of Arunachal Pradesh and approached them with a barter proposal. As per the deal, the government sponsored the entire video with the right to showcase the music video for promoting tourism in Mechuka. Well, with this wonderful idea, who wouldn’t know the beautiful Mechuka, especially among the music lovers?

With Nitin Malik behind the vocals, the late Sonam Sherpa and Saurabh Chaudhry played the guitars. Gaurav Balani played the bass guitar and Subir Malik was behind the organs and keys. Drums were played by Srijan Mahajan and the solo violin was played by Sharat Chandra Srivastava.

Produced by Goose On The Loose Films, the music video was directed by Sujit Jha. Sanjiv Monga and Rajarshi Sengupta were the DOP. Edited by Sanjiv, the Assistant Directors were Kombong and James Darang. Takhe Gyati and Prodip Horo were the Production Managers. Line Producer was Amiya Ranjan Das. Keshav Dhar of Illusion Audio was behind mixing and mastering. It was recorded and engineered at Ferris Wheel Studios, Gurugram.

About Parikrama

Parikrama was officially formed on June 17, 1991, and has been winning people’s hearts with its music for around 30 years now. You have to admit that this is a great feat for not only a band in India but over the whole world. On Instagram, the band has 16.3K followers and 7.51K subscribers on YouTube.

Belonging from Delhi, India, the members of the band are Nitin Malik as the Lead Vocalist, Sourabh Choudhary as the Guitarist, Subir Malik as the Organist & Synthesizer Player, Gaurav Baalani as the Bass Guitarist, and Srijan Mahajan as the Drummer. Also, the late Sonam Sherpa was the Lead Guitarist. Mukul Jain too acts as the Lead Vocalist in temporary concerts. They are accompanied by Imran Khan as the Violinist and Shambu Nath as the Percussionist and Tabla Player.

Not playing by book, they have never compromised. Beginning their musical journey from small venues, they are filling up the stadiums now. Look at what they achieved! Rarely, they record music in the studio, and most recordings are made in live performances. Preferring to give out music for free, they are yet to launch a full-length album. Also, they don’t have any policies against their music being copied and distributed. In fact, they have made their music available for download on their official website.

Often, they fuse Indian classical music instruments such as mridangam, tabla, and flute with conventional rock instruments like guitar, drums, and keyboards. Pink FloydJimi Hendrix, and The Doors are their inspiration. Released in 1996, their song ‘But it rained’ which was dedicated to the kidnappings in the Kashmir Valley during that period, is probably their biggest hit. What was surprising was that a crowd of 40,000 sang along with them in their performance for the Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore!

That’s all for today and hope you enjoyed ‘Tears Of The Wizard’! Now that you are impressed with Praikrama’s talent, be prepared for their upcoming new release!