Believing in age-old ways of doing makeup and hairstyle does go a long way but to remain in the forefront, there are hacks and ways to stand out. And in this versatile world, it only makes sense to try and not miss out. Ria Amin is someone who makes sure you know about those hacks.

It’s amusing to watch this young woman do it all given that her Instagram page features a variety of hairstyle hacks and beauty tips in addition to not just one type of makeup.

A hairstyle made up out of bangles. Sounds crazy but something you would like to watch, right? That’s what she did.

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She tries her best to try out the new makeup viral hacks and gives a gist of how you can do it too.

A detox drink for better skin.

Ria has something new for you with each content reel and you should watch that.

She has started her own YouTube channel too where she is posting vlogs.

If you enjoyed a little of her content here, you should check out her Instagram handle and see how can she give you a new style to try!