According to the YouTube community posts feature, it will give creators more opportunities to communicate and engage with their audience via the app.

In contrast to user’s regular video uploads, this new feature will function as a social media-style update intended to increase engagement with their YouTube community.

YouTube channels with more than 500 subscribers will have the “Community” option, which provides access to feed-based updates known as “Community Posts.”

First of all, YouTube is expanding the capabilities of its brand-new visual editing tool for image-based posts, giving you more options for structuring your Community updates.

visual editing tools | Youtube

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With its different editing tools, YouTube is now making the first step of its visual editing upgrades more widely available. This will allow users to improve their community updates and increase interaction.

Quizzes are another Community Posting option added by YouTube, giving them more opportunities to communicate directly with their audience.

As per YouTube:

“If you’re a creator in this experiment, you’ll be able to use the YouTube app to add filters, text, and stickers to images for posts. This experiment will roll out to a small percentage of creators who use iOS devices and have the Community tab enabled.”

“Quizzes introduce a new, interactive way for creators to engage with viewers, and in cases of educational channels, help them learn. Creators in the beta can create quizzes the same way as other kinds of Community Posts.”

User’s can upload GIFs, photos, and polls on YouTube to increase interaction with their channel’s followers. Disappearing updates were also made available as a Community Post option back in June.

It’s difficult to say how effective Community Posts are in increasing your YouTube interaction, but they may be a useful addition to your video uploads and a way to communicate with your audience in the app more frequently.