According to the WhatsApp blog, a user may now chat with themselves using a feature that WhatsApp is rolling out. This approach is to retain a piece of information from WhatsApp discussions that are immediately accessible by sending messages to your own account.

The “Message Yourself” function on WhatsApp allows users to send themselves notes, reminders, and shopping lists.


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As you can see in the illustration given above, WhatsApp will now display examples like grocery lists, trip ideas, and voice notes on your recipient’s list so users may view themselves as a contact.

Beta testers were granted access to the functionality in late October after the feature had been tested for a few weeks. Now that it has been made available to all users on both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp rolls out features for sending messages to yourself

Since a while ago, beta testers may have noticed improved message synchronization within the chat with their own phone number: if you send a message to the chat with your phone number, it will always be synced with your other linked devices.

User can select their contact information from the top of their contacts list in WhatsApp to send themselves a message. By tapping it, a chat box will pop up, allowing you to send yourself a quick message.

It’s a minor improvement, but it is potentially very useful.