Apoorva Mukhija, popularly known as ‘The Rebel Kid‘, is one of the most well-known comedy content creators on Instagram currently. With 1.2M followers, her unique content cracks up her admirers frequently. They find her straightforwardness and sense of humour to be very amusing. Oversharing, overacting, and overthinking are three things that Apoorva’s Instagram bio describes her as, and her followers wholeheartedly agree.

As ‘The Rebel Kid’, she is popular for creating quick, funny, relatable comedic videos; she’s a pro at cracking you up with her Desi content, based on daily events and situations. Her content has evolved over the years and is a perfect mix of lip-syncs, GRWM videos, travel tales, relatable comedy, and killer fashion inspo. She has partnered with numerous big brands and also made her way to the Forbes list

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Apoorva, Rida, and Utsav

If you follow Apoorva, you will be aware of a fair bit of her life and the people in it. Rida Tharana and she share the sweetest friendship, uncommon between social media stars. From girly dates to attending events, they do it all together. And Utsav Dahiya happens to be her boyfriend. The two share an adorable relationship, glimpses of which they often share on each other’s social media.

It is evident that Rida and Utsav are an integral part of Apoorva’s life. The trio decided to go on a trip together to Thailand. Rida turned into a professional third-wheeler as she joined the couple on their trip. She definitely is the ‘Steve‘ of their relationship.

Thailand Daily Vlogs

Apoorva decided to vlog her trip to Thailand with Rida and Utsav. The result? A chaotic but thoroughly entertaining content series that her followers actually look forward to. This is not your typical travel vlog which boasts beautiful locations and stunning fashion looks. They are rather hilarious with both relatable and unique instances.

The one common factor throughout her vlog series is her Introduction. She always starts with a filmi ‘palat’ where she swiftly turns around mid-hairflip. This is always followed by her saying ‘Hi I’m Apoorva aur main aayi hoon apni best friend aur boyfriend ke saath Thailand!” It is a rather refreshing take that we have definitely been enjoying. Let’s take you through them:

Day 0

She started the vlog series by hitting the salon and showcasing her glow-up for her New Years’ trip to Thailand in her classic self-deprecating humourous style.

Day 1

And the journey begins. Apoorva, Rida and her ‘corporate majdoor dost‘ a.k.a boyfriend Utsav are all set for their journey. She reveals that Utsav and her always have a beer before any flight no matter what time it is. They treated themselves to business-class seats hoping to enjoy its perks but ended up sleeping. Their long flight journey to Bangkok was further met by a long road journey but they finally made it to their hotel.

Day 2

Here, she gives us a bit of a backstory. Basically, her boyfriend wished to come to Thailand on a boys trip but having been there before, Apoorva did not let him go and instead planned this trip. They were spotted traveling by metro and enjoying local street food and beers at Jodd Fairs.

Day 3

The trio booked a ‘Grab Scooter‘ to get to their first destination of the day – TrueLove where they met and played with many cute doggos. Apoorva complained about not getting much attention from them and jokingly called her boyfriend one. Then, they went to catch a ‘pretty‘ sunset from the rooftop of a posh high-rise while sipping on some cocktails. Next, they roamed around ‘Nana Plaza‘ which is the biggest sex playground in the world while teasing Utsav.

Day 4

On the fourth day, the trio traveled from Bangkok to Phuket. They rented a scooter to roam around the place and went shopping. From complaining about Thai food to capturing some hilarious moments and finding Rida’s husband/Apoorva’s ‘jiju‘, and going partying, this vlog made us crack up the most!

Day 5

Our rebel kid set out to explore Freedom Beach with Rida and Utsav. After hiking for an hour they finally made it to the beach with a plan to enjoy a cute sunset picnic. Instead, they had an ‘expectations vs. reality moment.’ After diving into the blue sea waters, they chilled at the beach till late not realising that they would have to trek all the way back in darkness ft. Apoorva’s broken chappal. This was quite an adventure!

Day 6

The three of them woke up and decided to visit the ‘World’s First Floating Club‘ for which they collectively paid Rs. 26,660. Apoorva instructed that while you may not like the food or drinks there much, you will get to take aesthetic videos to make your friends back here jealous. After chilling in the pool, they went partying where Rida was crushing hard on the DJ. After coming back from the club, the triad went to watch an adult show which pretty much scarred Apoorva.

Day 7

A week into the trip, these three had explored Bangkok and Phuket. They then headed to Phi Phi Islands in a speedboat. Even though it’s a very pretty island with the craziest parties, the place is cursed for Apoorva for she always hurts herself or falls sick. The last time when she visited the island with her friend Rahul in 2023, they went kayaking where he accidentally hit her head and she had to get stitches in a hospital.

Day 8

On their second day on Phi Phi Islands, Apoorva felt a sharp pain in her stomach. But she braved it to go to a boat party en route to ‘Monkey Island‘. They joined everyone in playing drinking games on the boat followed by jumping in the water and dancing while watching the sunset. The content queen was not feeling any better and it only got worse with the day’s bad decisions that landed her in the same hospital again.

Day 9

Upon check-up and a few tests later at the hospital, they found out that she had an infection. Apoorva was then transferred from Phi Phi Islands to Phuket’s hospital. They were doubting its appendicitis but it turned out to be an infection. In the vlog, she also highlighted the need and importance of getting travel insurance when going on a trip or you could also suffer high expenses like she did.

However chaotic her trip may have turned out to be, one thing is for sure – Apoorva’s content will never fail to entertain you. And did we mention how much we love her fashion game? She is regarded as one of the widely loved content creators for a reason. We thoroughly enjoyed this vlog series and are certain that you would like the rest of her content too. So, go check it out now!