Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit renewed the spark for fantasy thrillers and became a success both in the literary and entertainment worlds. They were critically appreciated and were a commercial hit almost immediately. The craze for these film series has stayed the same over time and fans keep revisiting their comforting space. To honour the love for these entertainment marvels, Amazon Games has good news. Soon  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings will be adapted into multiplayer (MMO) games where players can imagine themselves as a part of this exciting world. 

Amazon Games

Amazon Games has partnered with Embracer Group to develop a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that will be set in Middle-Earth (the topography for The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings) featuring the stories from J.R.R Tolkien’s trilogy. The project will be headed by Amazon Games Orange County Studio.

Amazon Games Orange County Studio has previously developed the super successful open-world MMO game New World in the year 2021. The game has been a favourite of gaming enthusiasts.

The new MMO game is in its initial stages of planning and will take some time to be released to the audience who can enjoy it. Once published, the game will be available for PC and console and will be made available for gamers across the globe.

Second try

This is Amazon’s second try to bring the Lord of the Rings to life for the gaming industry. In the year 2019, Amazon made an official announcement to convert the popular film trilogy into a successful gaming venture but in the year 2021, they cancelled the project for failing to do so.

Two years after the announcement, Amazon Games is back with a renewed interest to bring the game to its audience.

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Amazon Games and Embracer Group

Amazon Games struck a deal with Middle Earth Enterprises who own the rights to stories of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Middle Earth Enterprises was recently bought by the Swedish Conglomerate, Embracer Group who now entered into a conglomeration to develop the latest dent in the gaming industry. 

This is not the only time Amazon and Embracer Group have come together. Amazon has shown keen interest in working with Crystal Dynamics to make Tomb Raider into a series and a film. Crystal Dynamics and the rights to Tomb Raider were purchased by Embracer Group last year and therefore both of these organisations can materialise this dream into a reality.

Lord of the Rings games

Though the unnamed games series has already created a stir in the gaming world and fans are eagerly anticipating the game, there have been games inspired by the Lord of the Rings Storyline. The Lord of the Rings Online 2007 launched the World of Warcraft which has been a successful venture since its onset. The game is still running. However, Amazon’s backing to the unnamed Lord of the Rings game will get greater exposure and will have the potential to make it into a global phenomenon.

Amazon Games MMO based on the Lord of the rings
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Christoph Hartmann, vice president at Amazon Games said in a statement “We’re committed to bringing players high-quality games, whether through original IPs or long-beloved ones like The Lord of the Rings. Bringing players a fresh take on The Lord of the Rings has long been an aspiration for our team, and we’re honoured and grateful that Middle-earth Enterprises is entrusting us with this iconic world. We’re also pleased to be expanding our relationship with Embracer Group following our Tomb Raider deal last year, as they’ve proven to be excellent collaborators.”

The Hobbit and Lord Of the Rings inspired MMO by Amazon Games

Lee Guinchard, CEO of Freemode added, “The world of Middle-earth continues to prove endlessly fertile ground for creators, and Amazon Games has a passion for building immersive, compelling worlds and publishing games for a global audience. We have the clear ambition to create the highest-quality entertainment products for this IP, whether we utilise internal resources or team up with the best industry partners that complement our capabilities. We’re taking every care to deliver an MMO which will do justice to the expansive Middle-earth universe and delight players around the world.”

We are really looking forward to the time when the game will be made available to the audience. Immersing ourselves in the world of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit will be an unparalleled experience.