As the need and want to order food increases with each day, so do the options for the consumers. The more and more options confuse the people and also make it difficult for everyone with the high rated delivery charges. To resolve this, an app called Waayu was recently launched by Suniel Shetty, the famous Bollywood actor who is renowned for his work in the industry.

Waayu is the industry’s very own food delivery app with zero commission charges designed especially by and for restaurants for better profits, visibility, and freedom like never before!”, mentions its website.

Waayu is founded by Anirudh Kotgire and Mandar Lande, with Suniel Shetty as the brand ambassador and also investor. It is backed by the India Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHAR) in Mumbai, as per media reports.

The Key Features of Waayu

They provide you with top-notch meals from your preferred local eateries at unbelievable pricing.

Best Prices

The best food at the best price is delivered to your doorstep.

Iconic Restaurants

Browse Hundreds of Iconic Restaurants and Cuisines.

Industry’s Own App

We’re a food delivery app by real people with the utmost hygiene.

Awesome Interface

Experience lightning fast and best in the industry user interface.

Order with Ease

Place your order with ease, and track your order in real time.

Multiple Payment Options

Pay with Wallets, UPI, Net banking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or CoD.

Stay Updated

Get notified at each step of the order and all the offers.

Instant Support

Get in touch with the restaurant, and delivery partner instantly.

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The aim and motive to launch the application are that today’s internet meal delivery platforms present significant challenges for restaurants, including excessive commission fees, biased search results, manipulated ratings and reviews, and one-sided policies. Customers, on the other hand, are feeling the heat of costly food, tardy deliveries, ambiguous sanitary standards, poor food quality, and frustrations brought on by a lack of customer assistance.

With the help of the Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Mumbai (AHAR), as well as other top associations in the sector, the WAAYU App was created by a team of dedicated serial tech entrepreneurs and a prominent technology business in Pune. Food delivery applications will undergo a transformation thanks to WAAYU, which will increase efficiency across the board. It contains:

Restaurants will no longer be subject to commission fees, allowing them to set more affordable prices for their menu items and pass the savings on to customers. Customers may now enjoy their favorite dishes without having to pay the exorbitant costs frequently connected with conventional delivery services.

Increased Flexibility and Control: The WAAYU App gives restaurants greater control and flexibility over their online ordering operations. Restaurants can use Paytm Google Pay, UPI, Net Banking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or COD to receive money instantaneously and directly into their own bank accounts.

Smooth Order workflow: WAAYU App automates the order workflow with end-to-end technology integration from Customer to Kitchen, making it simple for restaurants to run and allowing them to concentrate only on food preparation even during peak times.

Customers have access to affordable dining options, and doorstep delivery offers the best deals on their favorite foods. Mumbai’s top 1000+ eateries have already signed up for WAAYU App. Through a specialized customer care system, patrons can communicate directly with the eateries.

Building Customer Loyalty: This results in a win-win situation where restaurants can build a loyal customer base that will result in repeat business and good word-of-mouth, and customers have access to a variety of dining options.

Ensure the Industry’s Sustainability: The WAAYU App, the only zero-commission platform in the industry, strives to develop a sustainable business strategy for the online food sector. By putting restaurants’ needs first, WAAYU App gives them the freedom to work commission-free and more control over their online presence. Customers gain from more affordable meal options, a wider variety of dining selections, and honest and open food delivery services.

Suniel Shetty said, “This association with Anirudha and Mandar is almost like a homecoming for me because I’ve been in the restaurant business even before I became an actor. My father’s legacy of managing Udipi restaurants with the highest standards in service, prices, and cleanliness lives on in the digital era with an app like WAAYU. The advent of user-friendly apps and tech-enabled driver networks, coupled with changing hospitality and consumer expectations, has unlocked ready-to-eat food delivery as a major category. Food delivery has become a lifeline for the restaurant industry that is fast growing post pandemic. Moving forward, it is poised to remain a permanent fixture in the dining landscape and it’s with immense pride that I accept being the Brand Ambassador of an app that charges zero commissions in a highly competitive landscape.”

In an interview with Money Control, he also mentioned how will it compete with the other food-delivering apps, “Swiggy and Zomato are the kings of aggregator scenarios, and we are just beginners. It’s been baby steps, but we have been successful so far because we are partners with most of the hotel associations. When you partner with the supplier, it might probably be a more seamless offer and valuable to the customer with fresh and faster food and at great prices.”

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Anirudha Kotgire said, “WAAYU App will transform the online food delivery industry by embracing a commission-free model. This will provide restaurants with greater control over their operations and customers with the best price on their favourite food. As an Entrepreneur, Hotelier and actor, Mr. Suniel Shetty brings an excellent understanding of the food industry and its problems from both restaurateurs’ and customers’ end. With Mr.Suniel Shetty on board, we shall be able to create great value in online the food delivery business and can take WAAYU App in every corner of India”

Mandar Lande said, “We are working with a plan of onboarding 10,000+ restaurants in the next 3 months from Mumbai, Pune, and Suburbs. Our next step is to take WAAYU in both Metro and Non-Metro cities across India. We aim to disrupt the online and dine-in food industry with deep technology to provide quality food from popular restaurants at affordable rates. Zero commission model has always been our unique selling proposition and we would continue to do so. “

You can register your restaurant on the WAAYU APP right away if you are a restaurateur and If you are a customer, get the WAAYU App and start ordering right away to get the greatest deal.