On this auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, millions across the globe prepare to honour Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of destruction and transformation in Hindu mythology. Among those devout followers stands Akshat Gupta, a multitalented individual renowned for his literary mastery, motivational speeches, and profound devotion to Lord Shiva. 

Akshat Gupta opens up about Lord Shiva in an exclusive interview

Recognised as an esteemed writer, screenwriter, lyricist, poet, restaurateur, and now a content creator, Akshat Gupta’s journey transcends conventional boundaries, blending age-old tales of spirituality in a creative and unparalleled manner. His best-selling trilogy series, ‘The Hidden Hindu,‘ which seamlessly weaves mythological narratives with elements of science fiction and adventure is a physical embodiment of this. Join us as Akshat Gupta opens up about his faith and his devotion to Lord Shiva.

SN: People believe in different reasons to celebrate Mahashivratri. Some believe it’s the day Shiva emerged in the universe, some believe it’s the first time he performed his divine dance and some believe that it was the night Lord Shiva and Maata Parvati got married. Which one of these do you strongly believe in and why?

Akshat: My interpretation of Mahashivratri is the celebration of Shiva and Parvati’s marriage which underscores the importance of divine love, union, and the eternal cycle of creation in Hindu cosmology. I believe that their marriage signifies the harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies in the universe, as well as the cosmic union necessary for creation, preservation, and destruction in Hindu mythology.

SN: Can you tell us about the first time you were drawn to Lord Shiva, what was that one aspect that still keeps your belief in him alive?

Akshat: For me, Shiva represents the ultimate source of creation, preservation, and destruction, reflecting the cyclical nature of existence and the impermanence of life.

“Shiv hi Shakti hai”

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SN: Lord Shiva and Maata Parvati faced a lot of difficulties in their union. What is the one thing according to you that the younger audience should learn from their story, that they can apply in their relationships?

Akshat: I would like to answer this with a ‘sher’

मेरा और उसका कुछ ऐसा किस्सा है कि मेरी ज़िन्दगी का वो बेहद खुबसूरत हिस्सा है

Their story reflects the importance of patience and perseverance in relationships. Compatibility and compromise go hand in hand.

Akshat Gupta talks about his faith and Lord Shiva in an exclusive interview


SN: Lord Shiva is called the destroyer because of his anger, at the same time he is said to be the originator of meditation, being the most calm and focused. What can the younger audience do to draw from this balance? Does spirituality contribute to this?

Akshat: Balance, inner peace, and emotional stability are the basics of spirituality. However, it’s not just restricted to younger ages. It is about cultivating mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Younger audiences in particular, can very well initiate by incorporating simple mindfulness practices into their daily lives like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga which not only helps them develop resilience, and manage their emotions effectively but also maintain a sense of balance amidst life’s challenges.

SN: Lastly, the night of Mahashivratri is said to have the most power in terms of positive vibrations. What do you advise our audience to do on this divine night?

Akshat: Just open your heart, and allow yourself to be receptive to the divine energy and blessings.

Om Namah Shiva

As we immerse ourselves in the fervour of Maha Shivratri, our conversation with Akshat Gupta serves as a guiding light in our spiritual journeys. Through his artistry, storytelling, and unwavering faith, Akshat not only enriches our cultural fabric but also motivates each of us to delve deeper into the mystical realms of spirituality. May this Maha Shivratri be a time of reflection, renewal, and reverence as we pay homage to the cosmic power of Lord Shiva and seek his divine blessings for prosperity and inner peace.