The beauty of fashion is that it has space for both classics and contemporaries. Many fashion trends of the past resurface while some trends might be shelved even before they make it to mainstream. In recent years, traditional Han Chinese clothing, known as Hanfu, has seen a remarkable resurgence in popularity. One individual at the forefront of this movement is Zhang Xiyue, also known as “A Shi,” a 25-year-old influencer based in Hangzhou.

Zhang Xiyue revives Chinese culture Hanfu

With a significant online following, Zhang has dedicated the past seven years to promoting the beauty and cultural significance of Hanfu. Her commitment to this cause has earned her recognition, including a performance at this year’s Spring Festival Gala, where she showcased the elegance of Hanfu from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

Passion for Tradition

Zhang, on a daily basis, captures the essence of traditional Chinese clothing through photos and short videos. Despite the demanding nature of her work, her deep passion for Hanfu, seeing it as a connection to her heritage and an embodiment of her ancestors’ way of life, she enjoys it. She believes that these historical costumes offer invaluable insights into different eras of Chinese society.

Zhang Xiyue revives Chinese culture Hanfu for the last 7 years

Celebrating Women of History

Beyond promoting Hanfu, Zhang is committed to highlighting the achievements of extraordinary Chinese women throughout history. Through her videos, she aims to raise awareness about the stories of figures such as diplomat Gong Peng and astronomer Ye Shuhua. By bringing these historical figures and the contributions of women across various fields to light, she wants the youth to be more culturally informed.

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Bridging Past and Present

Zhang’s involvement in this year’s Spring Festival Gala further solidified her influence in the Hanfu community. As a performer, she portrayed a young lady and noblewoman from the Southern Song Dynasty, captivating audiences with the elegance and authenticity of traditional Hanfu. The intricate patterns and traditional fabrics showcased in her performance symbolised the promise of a new year while fostering a deeper appreciation for Hanfu’s rich cultural heritage.

Zhang Xiyue revives Chinese culture Hanfu with content

A Continued Journey

As Zhang humbly acknowledges, her work in disseminating knowledge about Hanfu is ongoing. She remains dedicated to her mission and hopes to inspire more individuals to explore and appreciate the beauty and significance of traditional Chinese clothing. With her passion and determination, Zhang Xiyue continues to be a driving force in the resurgence of Hanfu, bridging the gap between the past and the present with each captivating portrayal.