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“Without Dance, I cannot feel my soul, hear my heart, or see my dreams.” This is what Akash Thapa, an interesting dancing sensation has proved. Akash who hails from Dehradun, India was fond of dancing since childhood and used to replicate steps of the songs playing on TV or radio.

He started dancing at the young age of 3 and took part in many events where he showcased his talent. His favorite choreographer is Dharmesh Yelande as a child, he used to copy the steps of Dharmesh when watching him on television.

Akash is a professional dancer; he made his debut in Super Dancer Season 2, with his guru, Vivek, and reached the top 4. He got the name Naughty Thapa from there. Akash’s mother disclosed that Akash is mischievous and does naughty things. Even though he is very naughty and a big troublemaker he is also very bright and mature for his age.

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Dancer turned entrepreneur, recently decided to add a feather to his cap, and started his own clothing line (Merch) – Akash Thapa with a unique stock of apparel. He gained fame by posting videos of his choreography and this helped him gain the spark people noticed his sheer dedication to his work.

Let’s take a look at some of Akash Thapa’s ruling reels on Instagram dance trends that have made us not miss out on any of the latest music trends in the digital world.


Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye

Meri Jaan

Lazy Lad

Maiyya Mainu

Check out the dancer’s moves and have a great time as you scroll.