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According to Meta Messenger News, Meta has finally announced their new set of Pride-themed features for Messenger and Messenger Kids, providing more interesting and engaging ways for users to celebrate Pride Month.

Starting from today, in support of the LGBTQ+ community, Messenger has decided to launch new features and celebrate the artists and creators who inspire us each and every day. Meta’s new feature includes – adding new Word Effects, camera stickers, and 3D Avatar stickers.

Listing Pride Month Features –

Word Effects, enable the user to choose an emoji, which will then spark an on-screen explosion whenever it’s used within your chat, which can add a more festive spark to your discussions.  

3D Avatar Pride stickers will be available in feed and stories on both Facebook and Messenger, while its chat themes will be accessible in Messenger and Instagram too.

Camera Stickers uses camera stickers on Messenger, simply open the Messenger app and start a video call, create a room, or take photos using the Messenger camera, and tap each of the features at the bottom of the screen.

Chat Theme is updated. When you open a Messenger thread and tap on the top bar to open the settings, then select “theme,” where you’ll find the Pride chat theme.

Messenger Kids updated feature is for kids to start decorating photos and videos, select the camera button in Messenger Kids, and tap the frame or sticker icon to access the effects tray.

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Source Social Media Today

Meta’s also looking to highlight inspiring LGBTQ+ voices and artists, including actor and model Kais Boukthir and performer JoJo Siwa.

They’ve shared an example of Kais Boukthir who is a talented actor, model, and LGBTQ+ activist. Kais uses Messenger as his primary means of communication with his mom (who still lives in Tunisia) so that he can continue to connect and share with her.

Kais shares, “I had to make a choice to pick the life where I could be myself or give up my country, friends, loved ones, and a bright future I would’ve had in my own country if I was born straight. My goal is to fight so the next generation won’t have to make that decision.”

Pride Month is an important opportunity for everyone to contribute and showcase your support, which can be a big thing for those within the LGBTQ+ community. A simple note of support, or even the use of a sticker on your profile, can go a long way to improve acceptance, and it’s worth taking that extra step with your own social media presence – personal or brand.

Jojo Siwa is a American dancer, singer, and YouTuber. This month, JoJo gives a new hybrid docuseries format that follows JoJo and her celebrity friends as they partake in some crazy fun adventures she’s always wanted to experience but never got the chance to try before.

Meta is also releasing an updated Global LGBTQ+ Cultural Guide later this month, which is designed to ‘educate and inspire authentic ways to support the LGBTQ+ community’.