We Indians love to associate a face with a name and thereby face reveals are a big thing. Be it Raha Kapoor’s face that was shown to the world or be it the Indian gaming sensation Total Gaming, known to millions as Ajju Bhai, announced his face reveal on YouTube, the craze is unmissable. Ajju Bhai’s face reveal video accomplished a monumental feat on December 30, 2023 and continues to trend on YouTube for the last 3 days.

Ajju Bhai's face reveal Video On YouTube

After amassing a staggering 37 million subscribers on his primary YouTube Channel Total Gaming and maintaining a mysterious presence without showcasing his face, Ajju Bhai’s decision to reveal his face marked a significant moment in the history of Indian gaming influencers.

The Momentous Reveal

At 9:30 am on December 30, Ajju Bhai released a 4-minute-23-second video, not only to show his face but also to share his real name. In the video, he addressed himself as Ajendra Variya. The video, which took the audience on a journey into his gaming career, culminated in the fulfilment of a promise made to his fanbase- the face reveal.

Overwhelming Fan Support

Before the scheduled release, the video garnered immense attention, with over 140K comments and 700K likes, showcasing the anticipation surrounding the face reveal. Post-release, the video went viral, maintaining the number one trending spot on YouTube for more than 48 hours. Its numbers spoke volumes- with over 21 million views, 2.5 million likes, and close to 400K comments, the popularity of Ajju Bhai and Total Gaming seems almost unreal.

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Ajju Bhai’s Gratitude

In the heartfelt video, Ajju Bhai expressed gratitude to his fans, acknowledging their unwavering support as the driving force behind his success. Despite his nervousness, he knew his fans stood by him, affirming their importance in his journey: “Your support has meant everything to me, and I couldn’t have come this far without you.

Reactions from the Gaming Community

The video sparked reactions and responses from notable Indian influencers such as Desi Gamers and The Rawknee Games, highlighting the impact Ajju Bhai’s reveal had within the gaming community. His nerves leading up to the reveal added a human touch to the big occasion, bringing him much closer to his followers.

Total Gaming

Hailing from Gujarat, Ajju Bhai primarily focuses on Free Fire gameplay across his six YouTube channels. His flagship channel, Total Gaming, boasts a monumental 37.8 million subscribers, which has solidified his position as India’s most-subscribed gaming influencer.

Ajju Bhai’s face reveal was much more than a mere visual unveiling. In fact, it highlighted the unwavering connection between a creator and their community. His dedication towards his content and his genuine interaction with fans over the years have propelled him to unparalleled heights in the Indian gaming YouTube sphere, making his face reveal a historic milestone. This momentous event in Ajju Bhai’s career not only marks a personal milestone but also signifies the immense potential for gaming content creators in India.