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People might consider food blogging an easy, free-time hobby, but creating such informative, visual treats is no easy task. In fact, it is an art, and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Aditya Hirlekar popular for his user name Nom Nom is a blogger who decides to do home cooking and enjoys sharing his favorite creations online.

Aditya is all ready and packed with his stunning cinematography and detailed recipes, and indeed has traveled a long way over the past decade to meet up with the exacting demands of his virtual food lovers. He has kept his desires on hold and used them to teach, inspire, and engage with followers through his homemade recipes.

Aditya creates soul-hugging food with the hope of putting a smile across everyone’s face. In addition to a diverse selection of recipes, including drinks, all of which are captured beautifully by him on film. He also has his own YouTube Channel – The OG Nom Nom, where you can find him posting food-driven content.

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As part of Instagram’s ‘We Are In The Making’ campaign that celebrates young people who’re in the making, the platform had now announced its 25 Under 25 Instagrammers of India. And Aditya with his amazing talent undoubtedly booked his slot in the list.

Just when you think you’d have had enough of indulging videos of the mouth-watering recipes and heart-stealing food pictures, Aditya will bring a feed specifically dedicated for you, packed with selected best recipes.

Please do check them all out, especially since some of these might be on your list of trying!

And maybe, who knows, you while reading this blog would end up getting inspired and develop your own revised food recipe!